Cannabis Club is awesome

Sunday I saw Jager was cheaper on Loud’s lineup, so I bought a zip. Figured while I was there anyways I would grab a zip of CC’s Kush Berry. I’ve had my eye on it for too long and just never pulled the trigger to buy it.
Ordered both Sunday night. CC’s Kush Berry showed up 3 days later. Just barely got the label made at loud by the day the product showed up from CC. Plus everything I’ve gotten from them has been great quality. Can’t wait to try this Kush Berry out in a couple hours!!


  • Let us know how it is. I ordered from them as soon as they came on board here and the flower was dry dry like dollar store potpourri dry. These recent reports though have me thinkin its time to try em again.

  • @Ease This is not dry at all. In fact the buds were all sticking to each other and was a big clump after the vacuum seal. I always put my goodies in jars along with a boveda pack, so even if it comes in dry it only takes a week or so to get its groove back.

  • Next order might just be CC flower

  • I got a zip of Sour Willie from CC that I'm almost out of and it's still great months later with a boveda pack. It's even better than Sour Diesel, which is crazy to me because that's an all-time favorite.

  • I pulled the trigger on their GSC and Durban Poison for a neighbor bestie who is a sativa lover.
    @PolkHighStar I've had their Kush Berry, and it was a solid smoke.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Youre right about that! It’s my current favorite. I was blown away by how good it was, especially for how long it has been on the menu.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Durban Poison is a great sativa.

  • @baggy

    Thank you! My buddy will be happy 😊. I wish I could handle them! 💚

  • Don’t y’all go buying up all my CC 🤣 I LOVE their kush berry and being in Texas, shipping is usually 3 days. The consistency is great. Don’t know if they have a large stock or steady producers of the same strains but being able to get the same consistently good strain is important for medication purposes. I’ve been a customer since they came on and been ordering from @medicineman since 2017. I hope they stay around! 🥰

  • PS im trying the GSC this month

  • Holy crap! I ordered Wednesday morning and it’s in my mailbox! Cannabis club rocks!

  • Mine is out for delivery! @cancerwarrior

  • Holy crap! Yall weren't lying about the GSC; I smoked about 14th a jay, and I'm stupid high!
    Now, im off to eat all my strawberries I bought today at the fruit stand, lmao!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 No doubt 😎 I was supposed to post this a couple days ago. Cannabis Club, you are awesome! Did a split with Blue Dream & GSC, & got a gram of Kush Berry. Instead of a gram, they sent me an 1/8th. So thankful for that!! Such a creamy smooth flavorful smoke.
    The Blue Dream knocks me out. I thought maybe it was because I had a long day at work. Nope, for me it puts me to sleep after a couple hours. Love it!

    GSC...what a wonderful batch! Euphoric & relaxing...
    Multiple times my joint went out because I spaced out for too long 🤣

    Not to mention I received it in 3 days. 😯

  • GSC is the bomb. @ChunksEggo8187 i too spaced after a couple bong rips. Good smoke!

  • CC is the fastest from prior experience. I've ordered their "mix of current strains" and its surprisingly very nice. Mine smelled mostly like blue dream and it had small nugs as well as shake. The amazing part that made me really happy was that I had only ordered 1/4 oz and it came with twice as much. Thank you CC <3.

  • Their Durbin Poison is wild...would love to see a premium flower from Colorado!

  • My neighbor bestie LOVES this Durban Poison! She texted me yesterday that she waked n baked with it, and cleaned her house, all while singing and dancing along with the music she put on while the kids were outside playing. (I know, her kids ACTUALLY play OUTSIDE!)
    After that she mowed the lawn, and was still high.

    Definitely a winner in her book, so she's going to want an entire zip pretty soon! 😉💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 i definitely want to try their Durban and blue dream also those will probably be my next orders once I get more jager

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    I am torn between Durban Poison, Jack Herer, Headwreck and Blue Dream. Anyone have these four and can give an opinion on which is best?

    I want to split with the GSC, as I have fallen in love with all of the GSC strains like Runtz and Wedding Cake, but I also like to change it up with a sativa when I don't have to work the next day.

  • I like their BD of course and their JH is good. You feel the indica side of the Jack the more you smoke. Becareful if you use it to w&b or by early afternoon a nap maybe just right around the corner. Your results may vary...Im curious about the Kush Berry myself.

  • Get the dp are head wreck if you like strong sativas both are really nice

  • Any reviews on their green Cush? It sounds like a strong sativa...

  • Their Green Cush is a good sativa as well. Youll get stuff done for sure. A good wake and baker.

  • I ordered a $5 sample from CC but it wasn’t labeled, nor the free joint they included in the order. Wish I knew what I received

  • Received my order from cc the freebie is great and going to try the o of the mix hoping that it is a hit

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