Caramel Layer Cake

Anyone receive this strain?


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  • They updated the name from Carmel to Caramel

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    I vote for Camel. Unfiltered.

  • I just ordered - I'll keep you posted!!

  • Will let you know on Monday.

  • any word yet about this strain. ordered on friday

  • This ones got a nice buzz, the buds are hard dark nice and dense man. The high is certainly there, for how long? will find out here as the day passes.

  • Pics? Please

  • I haven’t smoked a lot of it yet, but it looks and smells great.

  • I got 1/2 of this. It's great but a little weak for premium. But it does that job. better for wake and back than night for me. Also, I had 1/2 oz of discount layer cake smalls -- and frankly, those were just as good. I was shocked. Hope this helps. I don't always go by what they write--though I find it to be rather accurate and not just pretty BS. Most folks know this, but I always compare strain to what Leafly says about it. and sometimes the difference are stark. All that said, I love this site -- thanks so much

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