Merlins shipping

Today has been 9 business days since order and still haven't received product really disappointed I've been ordering for a while and never had this happen anyone else having to wait a long time I doubt it will come


  • oh no every order for me on time and even some in three days to the east coast
    this week ordered Sunday received today

  • Then something is definitely wrong with order 5/3/2022 ordered still haven't received anything I'm I'm florida but still seems like a long time never had this happen before

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    Merlin’s shipping has been spot on for me. I’m in far SE GA. Tuesday morning order Friday delivery. I personally have had zero issues with medboy’s customer service. Give it the two weeks and reach out. They will make it right.

  • @Azfirekush

    Definitely unusual for Merlin. I'm in Louisiana and the longest I've had to wait is 5 days. At the 14 day mark def shoot @medboy an email. 💚

  • weird because i get mine early when i order from merlin. just today i got my package from them and it was supposed to be here may 17th but it came early!

  • Ordered Thursday 9pm EDT, arrived 10am Saturday morning in OhighO . Bout as fast as I’ve gotten anything from the left coast tbh. Merlin’s mail hub seems on it lately.

    Sorry I can’t help you out with your delay. Prolly got stuck somewhere.

  • I just placed another order from cannabis club I bet this will come thru before my other order from when you don't get your order and have to order from again....couple more days I'll be emailing med boy hopefully he makes it right I've been a long time customer 4 + years different states first time I've never got my order

  • They will make it right. Just calm down.

  • @Azfirekush there is exotic bud everywhere in Florida . I never have a problem getting cali bud anytime. And I have just moved to fl 2 months ago

  • Tac just moved to FL don't know much people haven't seen the usual suspicious charter type that might be a dealer

  • Just want to give an update it was my error I had one number off on my house number

  • Ordered on a Tuesday n received Saturday.....u are really showing how to do it. Great job MMM!!! And other outdoor strains I'm 👀👍👍👍💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥 so far with outdoor..... but see sooo many option indoor and premium.

  • Glad it was sorted out

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