Merlins🍒 Pie 🥧

Start by opening the bag got bruce lee punched rite in the face with sweet limonene like smell with any earthy touch and hint of pine.When grinded kinda reminds me smell of fruity pebbles or fruit loop cereal lol. Light fluffy green buds not as many frosty tricomes I was hoping for but still pretty buds all in all.. upon lighting using hemp wick cause love the full flavor kinda citrusy in an odd way with an earthy gassy exhale with an off diesel smell feels great body high and no couch lock!! Good for anxiety wich I suffer from social anxiety really bad so this is good strain for me before I go out and about my day!! Another home run for @MerlinsMagic thanks for all yuns do for us!!


  • Agreed @Tommyandpolly2021! Great review! It’s one of our favorites strains and this batch is indeed another home run!😎🧐

  • I ordered it after reading how the professor sung its praises. Can’t wait!

  • I sure hope you like it @MaryJane2020! We certainly do!🙂😎🧐

  • Hope this is similar to Cherry Cream Pie, which has been one of my favorites since getting back into the hobby. Ordered some late Thursday night, according to informed delivery, supposed to be in my mailbox tomorrow. :) Thanks MMM and Medman, you guys are making this too easy. LOL.

  • I cannot believe the shipping times from Merlin’s. Ordered 5/6 coming tomorrow 5/9. So awesome. Thanks Professor-really value your reviews.

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    Sounds like an interesting cross @Rockafire. Even though CCP is less indica by % than Cherry Pie, my guess is that the Cherry Pie won’t be quite as sedating. Cookies and Cream tends to make me drowsy. Cherry Pie does not. I’m interested in your thoughts.😎🧐
    Let us know what you think later @MaryJane2020!

  • For sure. It’s out for delivery!

  • Very smooth high. Sticky. The smell is so loud. Enjoying this strain for the first time. Thank you Professor and the Mrs for mentioning cherry pie 🍒 in some discussions. Peaked my curiosity!

  • Cherry Pie - terrific! Thanks to @TheProfessor and all who recommended it. Better than a lot of premiums I have bought from here. (YMMV)

  • 👍🏼😁😎🧐

  • I concur with the concensus that the outdoor Cherry Pie is not only great bud but a bargain as well. In fact the 3 outdoor offerings that I've tried have been phenominal. Thanks @MerlinsMagic for the wonderful menu and @medboy @medman for the great service you provide.

  • Not to mention the quick turnaround with the last order. Late Thursday order, then in the box on Monday. You are the best....

  • Glad you like it! I'll order from this guy again.

  • Please do @MerlinsMagic! Spectacular! I’ve been on a Cherry Pie binge lately. In addition to the outstanding Cherry Pie here, I’ve also been enjoying several Cherry Pie crosses from local med. dispensaries: Wedding Cake (it’ll come back around here soon for sure), Cherry Dosidos, and picked up some Cherry Star (Cherry Pie x Stardawg) yesterday which is a real nice wake-n-bake 50/50 hybrid that I can handle. I also picked up some Pure OG. I’d never seen it locally, but had a zip of it from here a couple years ago (don’t recall if it was Loud’s or Medmama’s) one of the sleepiest strains I’ve ever had and would love to see it here again!😴💤🙂🧐

  • @TheProfessor and @MerlinsMagic is this strain on the menu still? (I only see a non-premium cherry pie. If that’s it, then I’d it as potent as your typical premium?)

  • It’s the outdoor Cherry Pie @baggy and it’s an exceptional value! Good stuff!😁😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor thanks, just grabbed some.

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    _Awesome call on the outdoor stains tried chemdawg which was really good. current is cherry pie and it’s definitely a hit just ordered outdoor zookies and looks like the one from the pic I saw

  • Cherry pie still one best strains I’ve had.. def hits some spot that not other strains hit!!

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