Live Resin vapes



  • @posternugbag I just tried the grape diesel and it’s great! Potent and tastes way better than most. Had a little too much compared to reg vapes offered here and it got me fucked up lol. I also bought the strawnana but haven’t sampled that one yet.
    I would recommend and really hope they add more variety and I’ll keep on buying!

  • Awesome have to try these

  • @Reshi would you say that the live resin vape (grape diesel you tried) is just as potent as good, regular-oil, vape cartridges?

  • @Reshi thanks for the update. Would you say these live resin Vapes have an artificial sweet candy grape taste? Or is it more earthy and gassy?

  • @baggy These are more potent than others sold on this site for sure, IMO. Comparable to other live resin vapes I’ve had from medical dispensaries in Maine (only had 2 before).

    @posternugbag my smell and taste isn’t totally back yet but I can’t taste anything sweet on the grape diesel, a little herbal but not harsh or off putting at all. Very smooth.

  • I have some on the way and now I’m geeked!!! We used to drive 6 hours to Illinois if we really wanted some.

  • @Higheveryone23 I’m like an 8 hour drive away too so totally hyped I can buy here now. Hope you like what you get!

  • Hell yea! Glad the live resin vapes are getting good reviews! I’m waiting on the grape diesel myself.

  • Thanks for the input, a few people said the vapes didn't work so I was wondering if I should order again.... but if you're all really liking them it might be worth it.

  • I would be curious to hear other opinions on these, but I really liked what I’ve had so far.

  • Not live resin, but has anyone had one of louds vape cartridges?

  • @Mountainhigh I have tried louds vape cartridges.🙋🏻‍♀️ I just finished a Durban poison cart. I would say Durban poison is more for daytime smoking. It leaves me Creative & happy and craving 🍊 lol 😂…You will like louds cart’s.

  • @harleygirl_100 I just got a pineapple express cart in the mail. Love it!!

  • @Mountainhigh I haven’t tried Pineapple Express yet but I hear it’s pretty good. Happy Smoking friend 😊

  • Yea, give it a go! 🤠

  • @Mountainhigh I will thank you 😊

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I’ve been wondering about the terp sauce. Do you like it and can I ask you how do you use it?

  • @medboy Do you have live resin carts that would be good for daytime smoking?

  • @harleygirl_100 @MerlinsMagic has live resin vape carts, but unfortunately all of them are out of stock at the moment.

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    I've been mixing it in occasionally with my wax, diamonds, or I top a bowl with it.
    It's very versatile.
    I thought about trying it in a cart, but I'd hate to waste it by messing it up that way. 😉💚

    Edit: I do like it, but I'm kinda indica leaning; I know you like sativa, so if you do get it maybe not try it until you're ready for bed. 😊

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