Live Resin vapes

some good live resin vapes would be nice to have!!!



  • You're preaching to the choir here 👍🏼

  • I see this. After talking to medmama she said people didn't really want to pay the extra cost to make it worthwhile, but I'll look around for some good deals. No promises but will look

  • @kleco82 I vote yes to live resin carts too. Worth. The money.

  • @MerlinsMagic are any of your current vapes from a dispensary? If so, would like to buy.

  • I second that @MerlinsMagic, dispensary quality would be nice. I was super disappointed in the vape refill quality and It would be nice to not have to take chances with these unbranded vapes and refills.

  • Another vote here for live resin carts!

  • 1 more vote @MerlinsMagic for live resin cart and or refill syringe.

  • Long as they aren't crazy expensive I'd definitely be down

  • Seeing the votes for live resin & dispensary quality.

    @Johnnyblue42 Is quality issue the terps or strength of the refills? Sometimes dispensary means dispensary pricing so I'll have to do my best to find. Recently found a new vendor for refills which is exciting. I'll be sampling it this weekend :wink:

    Will do what I can.

  • @MerlinsMagic thank you so much for listening and coming through! The terp sauce is AMAZING! I really enjoy your vape refills as well. I use it as a glue to pick up stubborn small pieces of shatter. I’ve also actually refilled a cartridge I got from you and it works great that way too. Second life for a good cart. You know when you get a good one you don’t want to let it go yet, so just refill it! 😁💨

  • @TheMad710Chemist Totally, get it, thanks for the feedback.

    I was a little confused at first how to package the sauce with out the mess, ( was having nightmare daydreams of them leaking all over the package) and then thought the refills so I'm glad it's working out. The Magic is Real, yesssss!

  • @MerlinsMagic yes!!! When I saw the pic of it in the syringe I knew that would be perfect! I’ve never had terp sauce till these ones but I know terpenes have a very low viscosity so it would be hard to pull out of a jar. Syringes perfectly dose it. Well done my friend!

  • @TheMad710Chemist

    Now, I'm definitely going to try the terp sauce in the cart idea! I 'NEEDED'to order the Purple OG, so I'm going to toss that in the order too. 😂💚

  • Can I vape terp.suave?

  • @MikeyC with a little bit of imagination you can vape anything.

  • I tried live resin carts the taste was great but you could smell the cannabis in the vape smoke so being discret with vapes does not work with live resin carts

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    @MerlinsMagic strength was my main issue. I sure hope it is legit if I give it another shot, it’s a lot of money to be gambling

  • Well I got some Live Resin vapes! they were smoothgreat flavor but my only downside is that burn up fast! Its like watching fuel tank gauge drop ! great high longlasting with just a few puff at a time! get some!

  • FYI "resin" and "rosin" are not the same thing. I've never tried rosin vapes but I feel like the best of the best would be hash rosin, and cured rosin would be right up there. Depending on quality of flower of course.

  • The Live Resin Carts will be up on the site by tomorrow afternoon, so keep an eye out!

  • @medboy Thanks for the heads up.

  • @medboy I've been patiently waiting all day

  • I’ve been SO looking forward to trying these! Thanks so much.

  • @KannaMannnn They were on the site at about noon PST. They're there now. If you don't see them (under vapes), try clearing your browser cache files.

  • The live resin looks so intriguing. I wish I could sample it.

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    I’ve had the live resin carts before when I visited Cali. They definitely have more of an “herb” taste..I don’t have to be discreet so flower is my go to. Will be interested to hear everyone’s feedback on these.

  • Take my money! Live resin is my go to when I go out of state shopping 😉

  • anyone try these yet? How are they?

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