To our Customers

Hello all,

I understand that our performance as of late has been a bit lackluster; and for that my team and I do apologize. My team and I have been encountering a truly surreal amount of calamities these past few months; everything from serious health issues, natural disasters, familial losses, etc and all one just right after the other. It has been an exhausting few months. Packages have been delayed along with other random issues and we unquestionably have not been on the top of our game. The team and I have such a passion for our work and knowing we were not serving our customers to the best of our abilities has been taxing. We love and appreciate every single one of you, with out you there would be no us. We are truly remorseful that our work suffered due to personal issues. As a small crew it is difficult when so many hardships befall multiple team members at once; however, that is no excuse as everyone has problems. We are recovering, adjusting, adapting, and back on top of our game. As a token of our appreciation for all of you, we would like to offer you 10% off all flower from Sunday June 5th through Tuesday June 7th.

Your Comeback Kids,




  • You’re the first vendor I ever had from here. You guys are simply amazing and everytime i receive your bud you can tell how passionate you guys really are. Im so sorry to here about the unreal amount of personal problems you have endured. We all support you no matter what

  • 💚 🤗wish you guys all the best @LoudnCo

  • @LoudnCo very sorry to hear it’s been a tough few months.. 🙏🏻 things get better all around. My last order was perfect. I can always trust your quality. Appreciate what you guys do!

  • @LoudnCo everything will work out for you guys am praying for you all .You have always been my go to . Love yall every body is just like one big family . Much love

  • I suspected there was more than just a bad usps hub. We're all human. Here's to hoping and praying life evens out for you, @LoudnCo . We will still be here 👍🏼

    Thanks for the sale btw ✌️

  • Thanks @LoudnCo for the nice discount. Shit happens and appreciate you coming on here and letting us know you have had some obstacles to overcome. Looking forward to using my discount code.

  • @LoudnCo God bless you... Thank you for the honesty and the code!!!

  • Loud N Co is a very special part of our family here at Medicine Man. They are dedicated to top tier customer service and top tier quality products which they always provide. We very much appreciate their partnership.

    For the @LoudnCo sale there will be no code. All of their flower prices will be edited on the site to reflect the 10% off sale. ENJOY!

  • @LoudnCo, you have always had quality items available at all times. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know. We all have had ups and downs. Never stopped me from ordering from you. Thank you all for not giving up in hard times. And thanks for the discount!!

  • Hate to hear that and been very pleased with nearly everything tried from loud including having arare mishap fixed in extremely timely fashion . This must been posted after I'd already finished up otherwise probably would've jumped on some stuff and hopefully still get an opportunity to fingers crossed for us both and rest of community here, hang in there I keep hearing it gets better presumably at some point in future lol

  • We have had no problems. I am a @LoudnCo customer for life. Love the quality and always arrives on time. I have ordered many times in the past and some recently and have one on the way. No issues on our end.

  • @LoudnCo I am so thankful for what you and everyone at medicinman do for us. Thank you so much for the message to us and for your perseverance though these tough times. Be looking out for an order from me soon for sure! Love your diamonds and terp sauce!

  • Pricing has been updated on the site for the 10%!

  • Is the super premium not part of the sale?

  • @medboy could u check the pricing on loud's outdoor jager? Was gonna grab some here with the sale, but seems like it went up...

  • I still will order from ya! It's not how many times you fall down that count- it's how many times you get back up!

  • Thank you all for your kind words, they mean so much to us. <3

  • @LoudnCo, thanks again for the discount, I def took advantage!

  • @Ease, just noticed it went up from 161 to 193.50 (jager) after i paid for it..still reasonable.

  • @Ease @jenbar420 I'm not sure where the 161 is coming from. I changed the prices to 10% off yesterday and Outdoor was at $215 and is now at $193.50, I never saw $161. Hmm, Very odd.

  • @medboy It was 37.5 for the 1/8 before it changed for the sale, maybe that was wrong and its correct now, but it was that way (37.5) since it came last fall or so. It was already a sweet deal so I was happy to see the 10% further off.

  • edited June 2022

    @medboy I can also confirm that it was $161/oz. I think an eighth was $37.50 if I recall correctly. Half z was $112.

  • It was discounted before the sale just like Loud's current CBD bud. @medboy
    I'm fine with the $193 I paid for my oz of Jager, though. Still not a bad deal. 💚

  • My z of Jager was awesome. Dark green large buds and it was sticky.

  • @medboy, it was only the outdoor jager that was so other flower,.but it's all good, i'm happy no matter what the price is or's still a good deal. I thank you for being here is all.

  • edited June 2022

    I just paid I think $93 for a half last week, couldn’t pass up such a great deal!

  • Why no discount on those super premiums?

  • Is the sail still going on? Just wondering cause order form sais the normal prices? Anyone know?

  • Is the sale over?!? I thought it ran from 6/5-6/7?

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