I have been a customer for several yrs. Never a problem with product all very high grade .
I would like to see more sativa Dom. Strains
The best strain I have ever rec'd. Was green house dream queen. Would like to see it come back . Thanks keep up the good work



  • Been way to long since you guys had blue dream. That strain should be a staple.

  • Would like to see strawberry cough and ghost train haze . Never saw it on site

  • Great ideas everyone! Keep them coming, please!

  • rhdbug62 is correct. first thing i look for is Blue Dream.

  • Always looking for drop dead indicas for my med needs. Also I’m totally into strain aesthetics. Taste smell trim smoothness trichs bag appeal matter almost as much to me as the effects.

    What would be awesome, and course I don’t know how y’all operate as a cottage business or dispensary extension, but having lab testing ratios of thc/cbd percentages for the strains - particularly the concentrates - would be icing on the cake. Only because I have high tolerances and am always looking out for the highest numbers. Overall I’m freaking beside myself with the variety online right now. Don’t have to settle for the bud du jour from the local guy 😊

  • I have been a follower for a good 3 years now. I have been very happy with everything I have tried so far. I think the best I have had was the indoor white fire og and the indoor alien rock candy. I love yall for what yall do!

  • I’ve tried so many types I can’t even pick a favorite. White Widow, Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, GG#4, Northern Lights, OG’s, Kush’s, Pineapple Express..etc...I have never had an issue with variety. The only issue I have is that usually the “Sales” are not announced in advance so that I can capitalize. In 4 years I’ve missed more sales than I have caught which is more than a little frustrating. It sucks to place an order, get it, and then see it on sale.

  • Funkynugz - you bring up a great point about lab testing and it's the #1 thing that is lacking about our selection in my opinion. Unfortunately there's very little we can do about it. Now with legalization, the testing labs are all subject to tracking systems and have to report everything to the state. Because of our business model we have to work underground, so this means we can't do business with the testing labs! It stinks, I agree.

    Hillbilly - this is why we started our newsletter. I admit it's a little overdue but now you can get notice about our specials in advance, right in your inbox!

  • ahhh, yep MB. i should have realized that one i trust MM's quality so it's not an issue. keep up the good fight out yonder. we just had a major setback here after the elections. legalization is going to be super difficult now and our med program is a joke that's no longer funny. so y'all don't go nowhere! 💖

  • I would love to see a link to leafy or allbud or something for the strain information, THEN a small personal writeup from you since the same name doesn't necessarily have the same taste or strength each time. It would also be helpful to know if the vapes are from one supplier and if multiple, which is which. I.e. A pineapple express cartridge from Brassknuckles vs one from King penn.

  • Would love to see some topicals and maybe some Stratos pills? Got a mom whose in early stages of dementia and my father whose got skin cancers. I’m a stage 3b rectal cancer survivor 6 years, Gastroparesis warrior since my treatment. You guys are a god send.

  • Do ya'll ever carry the Moon-Rocks?

  • Yes moon rocks please!

  • Would love to see some Premium GSC!

  • Great ideas! We have had both topicals and Moonrocks in the past. I'll tell the shippers that folks want to see them back.

    JK - I have a low opinion of Leafly's info. Not because they don't have great people working at the company. The problem is rather that their model relies on user reports. And the problem with THAT is that there is no strain control from region to region. So what goes by "Blue Dream" on the west coast may be totally different than the "Blue Dream" in the Midwest or South or east coast. And in fact, the very few studies that have been performed to test this question have all shown that genetics are really scattered all over the place and there's little consistency at all.

    So to be really honest with you, when you read our descriptions of "Blue Dream," it only really describes the version of Blue Dream that our shipper has secured. It might be very different than what is described on Leafly. FYI.

  • Interested in high CBD in vape cartridge form but not pure CBD. You have pure and 1to1 ratios. I'd buy 5to1 or 2to1. Bought some at local dispensary and they worked well for me but my card expired and I'd rather spend the money on product that renewal fee. Plus dispensary prices are high where I live. I got one made with Harley Tsu, was nice.

  • I'm bummed, was looking forward to trying Sour Diesel vape and it is all gone. Will you be getting more soon? Would you suggest something similar that you do have?

  • rhdbug62 I did see they have blue dream in vape form.

  • I've let the shippers know about the CBD ratios. Both Sour Diesel and Blue Dream are popular strains so I expect we'll have one or the other back in stock soon!

  • I'd love to see some strains along the lines of like NL#5, White Widow, Skywalker OG, etc.
    Some of my favorite all time strains.

  • Awesome suggestions, thanks!

  • I recently got the Dutch treat from Loud n Co...super good!!! How about some Blueberry Yum Yum?

  • Dutch Treat is one of my long-time favorites. I haven't tried the Blueberry Yum Yum but I'll pass on the suggestion, thanks!

  • Possibly looking for strains such as CBD Shark, and also agreeing with what cbduser said. Would love to see some higher CBD cartridges added.

  • More Harle Tsu please!!!

  • Thanks, I'll pass that on. Right now Med Mama has a Harle-tsu cross, 1:1 blend. But if you need pure Harle-tsu I'll ask the shippers to look for it.

  • I would love some more pure Harle Tsu! I do have some Special Sauce for now. Both are excellent, but I do prefer the Harle Tsu! I'll keep checking back for it!

  • Be great to see some more of that indoor purple Hindu Kush again. I think it was med mama’s? Really comparable to some Mazar Afghani I grew out about 15 yrs ago. Tasty and potent Nugz.

    Always on the hunt for those heavyweight 💯couch-lock indicas...

  • I just loaded up some 9 pound hammer. That will couch-lock you, beware!

  • edited January 2019

    👍👌 yeah that hammer description reads right nice alright. Just dropped a load of coin on a pile of mama’s diamonds though. My Better half would smack me silly if I tried to splurge on top shelf nugz anyways, just can’t justify the cost nowadays. My cannahabit is already expensive enough 😇

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