Has anyone ordered from cc lately?

Just asking cause I got my order from them about a week or so ago! Put in order Tuesday night and no shipping label yet? Usually they the quickest! Just making sure everything ok on there end. Got label from mmm last night


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    Don't sweat it. If you got the confirmation, you'll get your order. MedMan is much more reliable than the USPS. :wink:

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 I just did order from them this morning...

  • Yea got confirmation @justaguy i know they way better lol!! Just weird how nothing on informed is all.

  • Ha! Yeah, I remember an order that made it all the way here before ID let me know that not only had a label been created but that it was on its way and was delivered to my mailbox.

    Then there were the orders that took a couple of laps around the country before heading my way.

    Thanks, Mr. Mailman. :smiley:

  • That be amazing!!

  • Thanx for all input I’ll let it ride for a wile and if nothing I’ll message mm

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 Anything yet??? I ordered Thursday morning and still no label... Weird for CC...

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    @Mr4Sher Nope only got my Merlin’s today I order another cut of Durban from cc and it got a number yesterday but still not one for my oz of sour willie order! And I thought got a quarter of the mimosa and got an eighth! @medboy could you help with this?

  • Email him directly friend, he cant do anything through your forum account :)

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 What @kkno said. Shoot me an email :)

  • I too ordered a zip of premium GDP from cc. Got it June 8 and hopefully it will be here tomorrow. Usually cc is very fast but can't always have a miraculous 2-3 day delivery.

  • @Olderladyhippie I ordered some of CCs GDP last Thursday morning. It didn't show up on informed delivery until Sunday night. Will be here today or tomorrow. No need to be nervous...

  • All good here!! Packages arrived safe and sound.yea they usually on point so must been postal service slow or something idk shits crazy sometimes though!!

  • I was wondering about CC. I placed an order this past Tuesday/Weds ( could’ve been close to midnight) and haven’t received a label yet. Glad I read it here. Too early to notify Medboy…

  • Whew. Got the label notification today. Should be here by Friday. Thank the Lord…

  • Hello all!
    Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control Cannabis Club
    will be taking a short hiatus. I do not have an exact date that they
    will be back but we do count on their return as soon as they are ready
    to do so.
    All orders placed before 6/21 have been shipped out. If you placed an order with CC 6/21-6/22 please check your email. Thanks!

  • Oh no, I'm just seeing this post. I placed an order with CC on June 20th...still no label showing up on informed delivery. I was trying to wait for the two weeks, but starting to worry considering medboy's post above.

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