Merlin’s Tincture

Hi all!

Wondering if anyone has tried @MerlinsMagic tinctures? What strain is used to make it, and would you consider it to be more indica or sativa leaning?

Many thanks!


  • Hi @medboy - any chance I can find out what goes into the tinctures as far as strains used?

  • @Reshi

    Following your post.💚

  • @MerlinsMagic hops on the forum about once a week or so, therefore it takes a little bit for them to respond to forum questions. I will reach out to them and ask!

  • Thanks @medboy - hoping for a strong indica!

  • I recommend the rso. Heavy! :)

  • Tinctures are a hybrid mix, pretty balanced.

  • Any idea when this will be back on the menu? Or am I missing it? Thanks!

  • I just got RSO HEAVY INDICA --3 grams. It was great and for sure meant to be medical.....If I overused it, the tolerance develops fast, so be thrifty when using. I like to put a few drop on a spoon and let it dissolve. in my gums. It hits me quicker - and lasted about 10 hrs. It's not listed this month.. but hopefully it will return.

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