Wax Split ?

Anyone know if I can split a 4 g wax order into 2-2g choices? @MerlinsMagic @medboy


  • @superman38NC

    I have before 😊

  • Thx! @MigraineWarrior79 anyone have feedback on Merlins sugar wax? Looking for something strong. Eying Modified Bananas.

  • @superman38NC Yes, you can split wax. Just add in the comments section:
    PLZ SPLIT - (2g)Sugar Wax + (2g)Sugar Wax
    Although split requests are not 100% guaranteed, the vendor will do what they can!

  • @superman38NC

    I use a dab tool with the sugar waxes I've gotten here. Personally, I find it just as potent as other concentrates from Merlin. I saw all the new goodies up for grabs! 🤪

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    Appreciate it! @medboy Went for a split of Modified Banana and Lemon Cherry Gelato. Of course they all sound good! First time trying sugar wax. I ❤️ terps

    @MigraineWarrior79 thx! i have a pax 3 that I use for concentrates. Works great for about everything so far. Been a while since I’ve ordered any concentrate.

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    👍🏼 on the Lem 🍒 Gelato wax! Received my split of that and Modified 🍌 this morning. Delivery was aiming for next Tues but showed today! 😎 love when that happens. Also ❤️ the little jars, seems to last a long time in those. Both smelly really good & fresh upon opening. Hit the LCG and I’m ready to go!

  • Will do our best to honor splits

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