Merlin Huge Restock (Flower and Shrooms)

Great to see a giant Sunday restock!

Question about the Tropicana Cookies? Why under indoor if grown in Greenhouse? Higher quality?


  • Eyeing that purple og funk. Anyone here had that before?

  • Very nice restock! @TreesPlz i had it a while back..same pic so hopefully fresher batch. It was a nice smoke!

  • Yes I've had it as well. Last batch was a little dry but its a pleasant indica. Not heavy duty. Buds are dark and smell is grapey, if thats a word, and the funk comes thru the taste. Hard to describe other than kinda funky. In good kinda way.

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  • @MerlinsMagic are the trop cookies greenhouse or indoor?

  • What's up with the sudden discounted strains?
    I grabbed some and now the strain is discounted. Anyone got labels from Sunday yet?

  • @Limonene from what I can tell anything discounted has been on the menu for a min or restocked a few times. Just my guess though. Sure the quality is still there.

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    @Limonene The few strains that @MerlinsMagic discounted we decided to discount because they are now VERY low in stock.

  • Excellent! Good deal. Thanks @medboy and @superman38NC

  • @Limonene I don’t even know about the labels anymore, I had one created monday morning which still hasn’t changed, and then I check today and now I guess that label was tossed aside and a new one was created today. Making a total of 3 LABELS for one package from one vendor.

  • Yep, I saw a label on Monday but it had no location. That's unusual. Today another label popped up from the right area and was accepted. Still got the Monday label sitting. Goodluck @realshmoke420

  • Multiple labels have been popping up for single packages. We don't know why, that's not on our end, but they do discard once the package starts moving.

  • @medboy had 10 for my last Merlin order LOL but they cleared off after a while and the real ones came through fine.

  • Another big restock coming in next week, get ready

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