Huge LOUD & CO restock!

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Big Loud & Co restock today! Includes NEW Super Premium and Premium strains, New Full Gram Vape Carts, New Live Resin Concentrates, New Shatter strains, and Mushrooms. Introducing for the first on the menu, Live Resin Disposable Pods! Everything will be up by then end of the day. Grab em while you can and enjoy!



  • Awesome thanx mm

  • Sweet!!!

  • Very interested in the disposable pods. @medboy so does that mean they are battery and vape all in one?

  • I'm pretty sure they are. Just like any other disposable vape.
    @LoudnCo is that correct?

  • Yep! They just need charged with a micro usb (not included).

  • @LoudnCo do you know if these are full spectrum? Or extracted from the specific strains listed. Thx!

  • Yep I just order from loud and all I can say dang +dang more than satisfied with order got the lemon Do so do- and the outdoor ice cream cake. still working on ice cream it’s just awesome I will try lemon for dessert 😀 but awesome job been here 8 months only 1 order I wasn’t happy with but that’s over everything else has been top shelf I would love to see some of the outdoor photos I understand they get huge.I live one the East coast ours get mabey 8 feet any way thanks y’all rock

  • @Fallguy I'm not sure where you emailed but I just looked up your email history and have received a total of 0 emails from you. Either your emailing the wrong email or your replying to our automated emails with this issue which don't go to my inbox. As you can see on the Customer Service thread and in numerous other threads on the forum, I reply to every single email and take care of every single issue to the best of my ability. If you would like to talk about this issue email me at

    LoudNCo corrects all order issues within reason. If I had got an email from you, it would have been dealt with and LoudNCo would have fixed the issue. So please check your sent emails and make sure you are emailing the correct address.

  • @medboy thank you, I appreciate you responding. I used the contact form before not an email. I will email you.

  • @medboy my email service said does not exist!?! So I just shot you a message on the contact form.

    you're missing the s Fallguy and I will tell you you will never be ripped off here.

  • @cmweems1964 the s was missing. Thanks ,medboy responded within hours to my email offering to make it right. Better customer service then most any business I've dealt with.

  • Definitely interested in the live resin disposables but torn with the ticket on em😳😬 yes I realize some legal states raping people on same or similar and I have the same reaction to those places lol I might have to break down at some point and try anyways just explain to my bank account that this is something we'll both like😖🥴🤣

  • Someone review these new vapes please

  • Anyone receive the new disposable live resin pods?

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