RSO needs be stocked

You know how long it will be when we can buy RSO?


  • Hopefully soon! I'm waiting for the same...

  • RSO is up!

  • Placed order got 2 indica thanks cant wait to

  • @Antonio @gab126 do you guys dab it? or how do you use it

  • Mostly people will eat it.

    It's really strong medicine for health issues, not especially tasty or recreational although some people will use in that way.

    People with abnormal skin issues, cancerous or pre-cancerous can put directly on the affected area and get relief. There are 3 people I personally know who have had issues and after taking the medicine no longer had to do surgery and were in remission.

  • @MerlinsMagic when they apply it topically do they feel effects from the thc? My mom is always battling skin cancer and she is interested but doesn't like how cannabis makes her feel...

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    @Mr4Sher there are no effects felt if applied on the skin. However, it has a strong smell, stains, and is very sticky.

  • @Mr4Sher @TreesPlz

    Trees said it well... no high for topically applied

    Eating it definitely can make one feel wrecked until the tolerance goes up.

    It's recommended to take 60g over the course of 3 months. Starting with the size of a grain of sand and moving up from there as tolerance allows.

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