Observation about buying “smalls”

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Let me start by saying I’m not complaining, though admit I’m disappointed and won’t be buying discount flower anymore.

I scored a zip of Lemon Cherry Gelato smalls - even with the description mentioning there was shag on top of the small nugz size I was hoping it would still be an okay deal. I saw the listing disappear fast so here it is.

So initial reaction was man this batch is damp. I had to let it air dry for several hours which I’ve never done before with herb from MM. Then I decided to do what the listing said and separated even the tiniest possible nugz from the leaf. Surprisingly there wasn’t much work to do: much of the leaf wasn’t actually attached to the nugz, it was already floating around in the bag along with some stems and small fan leaves.

Here’s the leaf, 8g.

Here’s what’s left, 18g.

That it doesn’t weigh true (~26g) is due to the dry-out I needed to perform before jarring. Shrug. It is what it is. (I was concerned about it molding.)

Thing is though, overall, the math shows that discount flower may not always be a good deal. I would have done better price-per-gram getting a zip of the same strain perfectly manicured as usual at a non-discounted premium price. But money is tight here…

The difference is like a $20 loss per-gram-cost, and I got a shload of shake for rolling. So like I said I’m not complaining. Just pointing out something for members to think about when choosing. Decent herb for sure! But a good deal? Mmmm. Not really.


  • You forgot to account for the trim weight. How does the price compare when you factor that in?

    (And their weight cost is passed onto the consumer... Wet or dry)

  • This was not listed as “trim.” It was listed and priced as smalls. I’ve received zips of smalls in the past and none contained loose leaf that accounted for 25% of the purchase amount, so I’ll leave the leaves out of the equation for this particular example. As I also stated, I only mentioned the short weight because it’s the result of the extra drying which was my personal choice.

    Bottom line: With my weary wallet, I won’t risk ordering bargains again. Buyers should feel free to calculate the 8g of leaf back into the per-gram$ if it helps justify their reasoning to buy flower at a discount. As always,YMMV 👍🏼

  • The description says "a good amount of green leaves are left on."

  • This is one of the few that had leaves left on them. I did my best to be accurate with what it was, and the trim leaves can also be smoked or made into edibles.

    All the other smalls are nicely trimmed.

    @medboy can we get @funkynugz a discount if he decides to try other smalls so he can see?

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