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    Follow up ltr

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    @Gus I'm gonna finally get to try the lime drops tonight and yeah I seen the tin can be bought in legal area for much less but that's after paying for card and driving could be taxes after but I agree could be couple coins less but the team taking risk getting to front door and black Friday sale helped so we'll see effects later and check back in but tiny cube scored into 10 I'll have to break the razor out to split equally was definitely lot smaller tin than expected neat souvenir after lol also definitely appreciate the PP thrown in @HappyTrees 😜🀣

  • Hey vape dad. I received two diff tins.
    One tin had two small gummies that were Pre scored to cut into 1/5 each. Giving you 10 pieces which matches dose suggestion on tin. 10 pieces at 10mg=100 mg
    However the other only contains one gummy scored to cut into 1/5 also. Giving only 5 pieces which would mean 50 mg. What did yours look like? The dosage doesn’t make sense from one tin to another unless tin listed the single gummy dose as 1/5=20 mg. But it clearly says 1/10 th= to 10mg.

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    @Drooper All drops are a 1 100mg gummie that's scored into 10ths. After they're packaged neither the supplier or us open the tins. The only thing we do is remove the stickers that confirm where they were tested and what supplier they where shipped to after testing.

  • @Drooper mine is one cube scored into 10

  • That’s why I figured something is wrong. One tin did have two gummies scored into 1/5 giving 10 pieces. However two tins only have one gummy in it. scored into 1/5 for five total pieces per tin. The cran had ten. The orange and lemon only five.

  • I had to spread the fins apart cause they were squished together and so small didn't look like 10 at first and I was surprised how hard that 1/10 sliver hit last night but was 1 long line down center adhd 5 shorter ones coming off either side

  • @HappyTrees those SD prerolls were πŸ”₯! Anymore of those?

  • @superman38NC Yeah those we're dank as hell. We might have more on the site at some point. We were thinking of getting a new strain for our next round of joints if anyone has any suggestions.

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    I’ll definitely keep an eye out for those! @HappyTrees Thx for the great product and I like the tubes they came in. Something I can reuse. As far as suggestions.. Sour D! πŸ˜‰ or other rare Sativas will always sell quick! Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream, Green Crack, Durban P, Super Lemon Haze or a good hybrid like GSC, Sunset Sherbert, Thin Mint, Georgia Pie..

  • Sorry to be a bother....the order form doesn't have the rice Krispy treat from @HappyTrees
    Just letting ya kno. Only the drops show up. Letting it be known. Unless it's just me.

  • Not just you, I don't see them either

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    @superman38NC Totally! I have a sweet spot for Sour D too...it just sucks because the joints we got were crazy expensive :/. When we have time we're def gonna look around for some cheaper ones, if I could I'd make it a permanent part of our menu. I was thinking Blue Dream too. That'll probably be our next strain.

    @Lou_lew Yeah we noticed that too. We were wondering why no one was buying them lol. We let MB know a bit ago it should be fixed soon.

  • Rice Krispy treat is not on order form still. Not sure problem but letting it known so it can b ordered...wanted to get outdoor drop from @HappyTrees but I want the Krispy...not being rude...n it is ok just nice to be able to order one or more πŸ˜‰

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    Received my split from @HappyTrees! French Cookies & Point Break. 6 days from ordering! Awesome!

    When opening the box, it shocked me that the vac package was it. If the package had somehow got a hole in it, anybody could see what it was. Please wrap it in newspaper, aluminum foil, anything really. Like others have stated, order a pack from loud or Merlin & you'll see the difference.

    Point Break- the package was vac sealed way too tight. These were beautiful dense nuggets so it didn't really matter. Aroma is on point. Sweet creamy orange. Taste great too! Overall just excellent weed.

    French Cookies- the packaging on this was perfect! God damn this stuff is great! Definitely sativa dominant but no anxiety. Put me in a great mood. Kept me focused yet relaxed. Would love to see this back on the menu!

    I also appreciate a sample bud of Red Mandarin & Skunk. 😁 Thank you!! Looking forward to what you guys put up next.

  • @Lou_lew Strange technical issue on that item, we are working on it!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 I'm glad you liked our bud. If there's ever a strain that you really liked that just recently sold out and you order from us again you can always ask for your freebie to be some shake for joints or leftover nugs. After it goes off the site we usually have a couple oz's or so leftover and we're not really sure what to do with it lol. We might try to make hash or something or roll them into joints. No promises we can give it to you but if you leave a comment asking we'll do our best. I don't think we have any french cookies left over at all right now, though.
    Anyways glad you liked it! We certainly want to get french cookies again that was a great strain.

  • @HappyTrees

    Pretty please do get French Cookies again as I wanted to try, and didn't get to this time around. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š

  • Hi, not worried about price keep it high end to exotic and fresh no dried out buds.. and you will do very well

  • Big props to @HappyTrees. Ordered 12/11. In the box on the 14th. Love the Jack Herer, now if you could stock some Blue Dream flower, Ill be a happy man.

  • @bluedreamer they just stocked some 2g blue dream vapes, get em before they're gone! If that's your style haha.

  • Awesome glad to see new vendors!! Always nice to have new products!!

  • @bluedreamer I would love to get my hands on some Blue Dream flower. We are keeping an eye out for it for sure lol.

  • @TacticGuy No, flower is my go to, dont like to vape all that much. Only when necessary.
    @HappyTrees It would be a beautifiul thing to find some BD flower. And thanks for the freebie and sticker and quick delivery. Its very much appreciated.

  • When are mushrooms coming? I'll try some!

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    @MikeyC We're thinking about selling mushrooms soon. Maybe we'll have some up by Jan/Feb. We wanted to get comfortable shipping things reliably and I think we're in a good workflow now so mushrooms are our next plan! Other fun things too, maybe. :)

    @bluedreamer For sure! Thanks for buying from us!

  • Thanks for the quick reply!

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    Dj's Gold is πŸ”₯! Dad is super pleased, and shared some with me earlier today. It's got a peppery taste/smell, & also kinda floral? Definitely different than I've had before. A great sativa for us anxious/nervous types, lol. NO ANXIETY! I REPEAT NO ANXIETY! I wish I woulda gotten some first myself! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

    Skunk Hero is also great! It has a citrus/lemony smell & taste. Bestie is super happy. It's a little speedy for me, so I wouldn't get it again, just for me personally. Other than that, it's an excellent sativa for getting things done, or combating fatigue.

    BRB, going clean my house! 🀣

    @HappyTrees please get more DJ's Gold, or something like it.
    Thank you for the big ol fatty freebie!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it and it was fire! :) I hope you and you're family have a great holiday season.

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