Hi, we're Happy Trees!



  • @Mr4Sher Yeah we're def doing freebies, mostly joints and grams for the time being. Later down the line when we have more stock we'll probably have a better selection of freebies to choose from.

  • Welcome Happy Trees!

    I am late to the welcoming! Welcome to my internet happy place :) Awesome news!
    Tinctures sound great, I've found a new respect for sativas...it all sounds good! I would LOVE to see some of the old standards, Northern Lights, GSC, Blue Dream and most of all Granddaddy Purple. Thats been the one strain my husband truly enjoys.

  • @Lou_lew Thanks, man!
    @TabulaRaza We're defiantly keeping an eye out for strains like that, we can get a lot of different kinds of bud so hopefully something like that will cross our path.

  • @Mr4Sher They will be offering a freebie however they will not be taking specific freebie requests.

  • looking forward to that Tropicana Punch…last time I’ve seen that was at least 2 yrs ago 😎

  • I can’t wait to order someday! 5 Months pregnant and gonna be nursing. So please don’t go anywhere 😉

  • I placed an order for your Indoor - Hot Rod curious to see it and try it. Also why do you have different prices for outdoor just curious? Thanks

  • @Flapples They don't. We lowered the prices across the board.

  • I'm sorry but they are not the same they're $15 difference for an ounce on both the product page and the order page. I was going to order that until I saw the difference. Half ounce prices are different also

  • @Flapples Skunk #1 is our budget strain, so it's priced a bit cheaper than our other outdoor bud.

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    @Flapples just ordered some Skunk #1. The budget bud... I'll leave a review when I try it... @superman38NC I want to try that Tropicana Punch too. I had to budget shop this time plus I wanted to try the Skunk 1 anyways. Will grab soon tho, if I'm happy with their Skunk #1 and shipping...

  • For a budget strain it’s looks great @Mr4Sher i’m sure it will smoke well! Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings!

  • Got my order of Sour D prerolls and zip of Trop Punch..one massive clump of budz shiny with trichs! Aroma is 👀 and hits just like the sativa I like! Putting out Christmas 🎄 now!

  • Where does happy trees ship out of?

  • I believe they said Oregon

  • It is Oregon @posternugbag ordered this past Sat and got today east coast. Excellent considering the holiday!

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    I ordered from them on Monday and it was in my mailbox today and I'm in Florida they ship from Oregon that's pretty frecking fast greatly appreciate it!
    But I do have some little complaints, the first complaint is they only use one bag , they put it in one single vacuum bag and that's it , you open that bag up and it goes all over the place and you can't seal the bag back up after you open it? the other shippers use at least 2 to 3 bags. And I understand that may not be a big deal to a lot of people but the problem is they ship it in a priority box my priority box and I have a picture of it was punctured and you could actually see the clear vacuum bag in the box not good. if that bag would've got punctured you could smell the shit and then they would've known. I just don't think a single bag is good.

    And identification that's my other little complaint, I received a free joint which I greatly appreciate but I would like to know what it is ,what if I liked it and wanted to buy it? Also there's no identification on the bag of what I bought I'm guessing I got what I bought but there should be some identification on it. In my opinion

    Anyway thank you for the fast delivery i greatly appreciate it .

  • @Flapples Hey there, thanks so much for the feedback-- glad it arrived in a timely fashion. From here on out we are going to be double sealing and labeling all of our products! :)

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    Thx @HappyTrees if you can avoid the air tight vacuum seal that would be awesome. The Tropicana Punch is 🔥 btw..the nugs looked so gorgeous according to the pic and then they got squashed 🤪. Smokes the same just a suggestion. That Sour D had me 🥴 too. Off to a great start!

  • Yeah that's something I was thinking about I noticed the nugs do get crushed when we seal them up. Unfortunately, we have to vacuum seal everything so it doesn't get flagged or confiscated in transit. We could potentially put the weed in some kind of container and vacuum seal that so it's still airtight....it's something we're going to look into and experiment with for sure. Glad you liked everything though! :)

  • I agree about the double bagging and separating items before sealing. Flower and edible tins were all sealed together . Hot Rod smell and visual are nice but have not tried it yet. Will post later after I smoke. Edibles in my opinion are pricey but dispensary quality with great effects and will purchase them again. Thanks @HappyTrees

  • Yes to thais except in soccer

  • Hot Rod is a very nice daytime smoke. Medium dense nugs and quality is is right there with a Merlin and Loud. Overall very happy with what I received from HT’s.

  • @Gus I'm happy you liked everything!

  • @Gus which edibles did you go for? Currently waiting on some lime gummies, figured I'd give a shot taking advantage of the BF sale

  • @Vapedad78 i tried the lime and effects were good. Pricey for 100mg of THC. Dispensary price’s around here is 30 for 100mg edibles but I like having it delivered to my door. And the flower on here is much better quality. Hope u enjoy.

  • I tried a bite off of a gummy last night and they’re really strong. I’m still feeling it the next morning lol Great quality gummy

  • @Gus @Johnnyblue42 sounds promising and appreciate the feedback and glad yall seemed to be enjoying , cheers

  • When I seal up cannabis with a food saver, I hit the seal button before all the air is removed to lessen the crushing. It takes practice, but isn't that difficult.

  • @Sixwaychili hmmm very good to know...thanks for the tip

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