LoudnCo’s Mr Nasty

Another amazing cultivar from LC. Extra large and chunky nugz filled the jar to the top, lovely cat box nose with a thick gas/sour flavor. Fast hitting and energizing for me. Nice head and body vibe. YMMV. It’s a keeper and fits its premium markup.


  • That is a centerfold pic for High Times!

  • Thx. Just lucky this time 😉 My iPhone (me really) often has trouble with closeups. I got 3 freaking lenses on this thing ffs 😄

  • That’s what you call the Money Shot
    Just ordered 🤗

  • That is some nice looking budz!

  • Very purty definitely regret not pulling the trigger one of the multiple times had a finger on it poised to go

  • Looks exotic

  • Well ended up finally putting in request for some miss Jackson if your nasty but asked for split with modified mints and then seen was off menu shortly after so we'll see what shows up fingers crossed their hub is clearing up thought I'd read mighta been bottle necked round Xmas but I unfortunately underestimated my need passed 2 sales and definitely shoulda taken more advantage of it but I'll survive till arrives either way just excited been eyeing that and the zhits both for a while so finally had to pull the trigger on both but great pic @funkynugz

  • My halfy look to be mostly slightly smaller and darker in color than @funkynugz but also a month to 2 months later could explain bottom of bag and whatnot but definitely covered in keif and pungent and from little I've tasted and tested no qualms on quality and good looking out on the Freebies @LoudnCo definitely an awesome little care package, took couple Rips off zhit and i95 this morn and knocked out for couple hours lol oops🫠🤷‍♂️🤣

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