Indoor Bubble Bath

Get ready to enjoy premium indoor at the regular indoor rates.

This is the hottest new strain on the market, and as you can see from the photo is spectacular.

This week's recommended new flower.



  • Nice! Ordered some!

  • omg love it merlin badass got to get me some!!!

  • Thank you kind sir, order placed!

  • Is it called Merlin? And is it already sold off menu didn't see on order form

  • It’s on there, 9:49 EDT

  • Ahhh I didn't see it was called bubble bath gotcha duh didn't read the title nearly well enough lol

  • Giving it a go, does look nice in pic and always down for great quality at a great price

  • Good to see Medman and family still going. Been a long while.

  • edited March 2023

    Went for a split of this and grape ape! I have a little of the Bubble Bath live resin left and that's 🔥. By the looks of this it will be too! @MerlinsMagic thx for the info. So many strain on the site it's honestly hard to choose. Not a bad problem to have 😜

  • @superman38NC no doubt! So many great choices up right now.

  • @superman38NC that's what I requested for split as well

  • edited March 2023

    Seriously looked at the same split @superman38NC @Vapedad78, I still have a few buds of Mama’s Grape Ape (from ‘19 or ‘20 maybe?) one of my “in case of emergency break glass” anxiety strains. I really needed to refill with some sleep strains and the terp profile on the Platinum Bubba looks perfect! Both sides of this cross are outstanding on their own and it sounds like a winner. I split it with the Skywalker OG which if decent will fall somewhere between sleepy and knockout and saved a little with the greenhouse. It is indeed an awesome menu right now @ChunksEggo8187! I hope that it’s still has as many great choices on 4/20! 😎🧐

  • We're definitely on the same wavelength brother 👊🏼 I remember that grape ape..some of the best ape I've had. Can't go wrong with Skywalker if your looking to 💤

  • Absolutely my friend👊🏼! I’m waiting to hear what you guys have to say about this 🍇 🦍 …you may have me circling back😁. Haven’t seen it in a dispensary around here in over a year.🫤. I was just browsing old posts about Skywalker, I’d forgotten we’d had so many posts about it. Like most strains @superman38NC we’ve both had our ups and downs with Skywalker. There was a spring batch of outdoor in ‘20 that had huge 3-4g buds and hit hard, followed by a batch of greenhouse early summer ‘20 that was absolute 🔥 then a couple of batches that were ok, but didn’t quite hit those bars. We’ll find out early next week where this grow lands.😎🧐

  • Think I've only had 🍇 🦧 in cart or concentrate form best I can recall so looking forward to checking out, but multiple were calling my attention just tryna budget for 4twinny

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    Bubble Bath is highly relaxing & calming but keeps you focused. Buds are beautiful & dusted with frost. Wonderful aroma & taste. Smoked a small joint, about .2
    I'm sure it would get me tired if I smoked more.
    Great stuff! Thank you for the quick shipping too @MerlinsMagic!

    So I just finished a j of 🍇 ape. Hits hard. Euphoric blast, then made me extremely relaxed. Felt my body melting into the couch. .3 & didn't finish it or else I think I would've passed out.
    Gorgeous buds, some light green some dark green. Caked in frost. Subtle grape aroma, but the taste is better than the smell.

  • Hell yeah sounds awesome can't wait

  • Both sound like a winner @ChunksEggo8187! Our Platinum Bubba and Skywalker OG showed up yesterday before noon…ordered late Thursday night so only 3 days to OH! Unfortunately, we’ve been out of town, but will be home this afternoon to see what the mailman brought and to give them a try tonight! Reviews to follow.😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor Definitely can't complain with what I received. Quality meds for sure!
    Anxious to hear reviews on the Bubba & Skywalker. Those 2 were strains I wanted to get too. So many great strains but not enough $.
    So grateful for Merlins hubs being on point! 4 days to AL.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 I agree with being on point. Mine made it in three to AL...

  • Got mine yesterday and it’s a nice batch. Very thankful and grateful for the deal. Thanks.

  • Thought might see mine today but hopefully tomorrow it seemed to stall definitely excited to try now

  • Well fingers crossed shows today but still in transit to next facility at moment put in request early morn 24th and was moving next day so figured should been here

  • @Vapedad78 I can't stand that shit. 🤣 you know it's in your city & USPS is just fumbling it around. Hope you get it soon brother!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 lmao I hear that, it's crazy something will start off like a 🚀 moving at record pace just to stall out "off radar" somewhere and end to taking twice as long if it hadn't fallen between cracks🤦🤷🤣 oh well I know it'll show eventually just been tryna stay on top of it better lately purposely with not as much slack as was intending to leave self thanks to hubs but is what it is and eternally grateful to the team here cause they definitely did their part with super fast turnaround after request was entered so big ups and respect to them, sorry for venting I'm sure I do far more than should

  • Maybe tomorrow still in transit swear think they lose em under seats or prop doors open just to need with people

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