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  • @TheProfessor i second that. Definitely always been a 420 sale.

  • Not with THIS economy...

  • Oh yeah, lol. This year's going by too fast! Probably? I never know until MM tells me.

  • Yes we'll do one for sure!

  • edited April 2023

    Just wanted to share my experience, thoughts, and rant a bit...

    My experience using medicineman since 2017:
    It's almost like this has to be a last resort, only if you can't find "a guy". That's because when you place orders (Not you, me. I can't speak to others' experiences), it's tough to see no updates, except a label creation, on USPS ID for a whole week after the pay confirmation email arrives. I don't expect any vendor to drop packages every day, but it's pretty tough to order here, watch USPS ID daily, see no movement, hope that my order is still "in progress", and understand that I have zero recourse and zero updates until the timeline in rules of ordering passes. Then, if something had gone wrong, there's a reship that seemingly resets that whole clock/process. And that's on me to be proactive, watch the order and reach out. All the while, one can generally go down the street at a lower cost.

    I've been a customer since 2017 and have definitely gotten faster service. I used to expect about 7 days for a delivery. I'm not going anywhere. I love the service, selection, and supporting. I would, however, certainly order more and really put my name on referrals if I didn't expect the above to take place on most orders. (Never ordered from happy trees, but will certainly try them soon) As-is, I tell everyone I know about this service, but they ALWAYS ask about my experience.

  • 1st world problems

  • The only time an order takes more than 6 days total for me is the following:
    1. Ordered from loud takes 8 days to 2 weeks.
    2. Unforseen circumstances where package is delayed and I end up getting a little more as a freebie.

    That is my experience and ymmv.

  • My choices in a non-legal state:

    Find a plug that I can get in contact with on a regular basis, confirm he has something in stock to sell me. The price and product will be variable in quality and price, usually the quality is subpar low and the price is high enough the plug makes a profit. Make arrangements to meet somewhere or, worse yet, he will want me to come to his house/apartment. This might take an hour this might take a week depending on stock, availability, and how much the dealer smokes himself. Now I have to physically go to a sketchy area or to some random dealer's apartment, hope he has something that isn't laced with other things, hope it weighs right with stems and seeds everywhere, hope it is quality enough to actually give me the effects I need, make small talk with this stranger, safely drive it back to my house, and then have to plan to do it all again within a week because, at their prices, I cannot afford more than that at a time.

    OR....I place an order here, wait my 8 days, and normally get ultra-quality product that I know is safe, for the same normal price, with a choice in variety and explanation of effects, while being able to safely converse with other customers about their experiences and results of using the same source and products.

    Yes, they get delayed sometimes. Yes, all three shippers and/or their hubs have gotten slower this year. But in the end, there is no contest on which is the superior method for obtaining meds.

  • @Trippy i didn’t see the post.

    Salutes to the fam moving on.

  • I love the product and selection here. I also love the community.

  • I've been tempted a time or 2 to just see what else is available but have found majority of time I stray it either ends up not being worth the effort or worse and get bit in ass but as said haven't actually tried the alternative especially due to customer sup, community (forum), and consistency across the board

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