Greenhouse vs. Outdoor vs. Indoor vs. Ultra-prem/premium..?

Everything I order flower I always go for the premiums bc I'm scared the greenhouse or outdoors won't be good at all. I've ordered a couple indoors but just so hit or miss. Am I looking at this all wrong??


  • @Zackarrry i hear what you are saying. I’ve tried all the flower levels and I always go back to the Ultra Premium. Damn tolerance. Plus, I’m not in a position to just waste an order on a tight budget. I prefer “2-Hitter Quitters!” versus having to smoke too much.

  • I’ve been ordering here for years…and a lot! Although, admittedly, I’ve ordered substantially less since my state went medical and I got a license. I’ve had all levels plus discount and smalls from all vendors over the past 6 years except HT. While there is usually an appearance difference, I’ve had excellent luck and value from both greenhouse and outdoor. My last two ounces of greenhouse were well worth it. The Thin Mints, while smalls, smell like heaven and pack a powerful punch. While not exactly what I was hoping for, the Blackberry is also nice and potent as well. I’ve got a lot of medicine on hand, with several strains above 30%, but they never seem to last long. I buy about 3 ounces a month and I’m constantly running out and replacing strains. I’ve bought plenty of Premium and Ultra Premium here, and I still might if something special pops up, but otherwise, I’ve been really happy with the quality, effects, and most importantly, the price of good quality greenhouse or outdoor medicine.😎🧐

  • What I’ve learned is it’s all a gamble. I’ve had great outdoor and premium that wasn’t too good. I don’t care about bag appeal at all, so I’ve been getting outdoor and greenhouse lately. Same gamble as indoor or premium, but I just try to find strains I like. Hit or miss is accurate.

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    I love getting indoor smalls at outdoor prices. Bonus for not paying for bigger stems. Then again, I've gotten outdoor that's as good as premium.

  • The ultra premium should be the same as exotic on the white market. Esp at the 100 a q price point just my 2 cents

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