On vacation in Alaska



  • @funkynugz - Thanks. I'll pass that info along.

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    @funkynugz - My brother says it is bugs. They are getting on the other one too. He's keeping an eye on them.

    The bigger worry is a moose will wander by and decide to have a snack. :smiley:

  • Here's the latest pics from Fairbanks, Alaska.

  • Nice. That indica dom picked up well. The lanky one is lagging to be expected but looking strong too 👍

    Around OH harvest is generally mid October, longer if it stays drier. They can handle a light frost especially purps but we’re going to be heading into budrot season soon enough. Here’s hoping Fairbanks lets them go a good while.

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    Very nice! The Secretary of State just announced that recreational legalization will be on the ballot again this November in OH. Among other things, it would allow 6 plants per adult, up to 12 plants per household. It just better not mess with my medical discount!😁😎🧐

  • Short fat mama jama looking good mean both looking very nice but digging the stout looking one

  • My brother had to harvest Oliver. They have been getting a lot of rain, and mold started attacking it. He says he got 165 grams from the harvest, and the buzz will melt you into oblivion.

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  • Sweet! Nice jar-o-cannabis!😎🧐

  • Stanley has been harvested. I'll post the weight after it's cured.

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