Merlin Bringing the 🔥!



  • I have loved every Runtz batch I've tried.

  • Yeah I almost went with the designer runts just for that reason but runts gotten recent from Merl was very nice

  • I’m with you @Sixwaychili they’re all good. Not sure what my next order will be…too many options

  • Anyone try to Royal runtz?

  • Back in the day we had one choice from our local guy. Occasionally we would get lambs breath, or Christmas tree, or gold. Maybe cal sensi or Thai sticks, but that was rare. Then there was the occasional hash.
    But now the choices are overwhelming. And delivered to your door. Wow.

  • @leaf it’s wild having all the choices now days. Like you said delivery to the door 🤙🏼

  • Orders were down so I decided to get more variety… it’s working ❤️ just got a big order of sativa leaners and am excited to share.

  • And this is why I'm happy to check the forums! Merlin... you are a wizard

  • Hell yeah that's what I was waiting for mean went with could indica leaning but couple new indoor

  • I must be crazy high because that's totes Chinese to me right now

  • I was high when typed it lol. Supposed to say couple of indoor indica leaning strains lol

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    When are we not high on here?!😁😂🤣 There are definitely some interesting indoor indicas on the menu at the moment! I picked up some Pure Kush which should be here Monday. It’s a heavy hitter…very good for pain (1-2% CBD) and very sleepy! 😴😎🧐

  • I am giving Permanent Marker a whirl. Should be here Monday which is super fast. It sounds intriguing.

  • Waiting on pure kush and face melt after just got orange push pop and Mac stomper which are also very nice and showed under a week this time was very pleased

  • @posternugbag I can’t imagine Permanent Marker being anything but amazing with Biscotti x Jealousy x Sunset Sherbet! That’s a lot of Sunset Sherbet and GSC genetics!💚😁😎🧐

  • Yeah considered that but hopefully next time

  • So many good ones and not enough money! 🤣

  • I took a hard look at Face Melt @Vapedad78 as a split with the Pure, but I still have some prescription left locally, so I just picked up the Pure. I go through almost as much flower overnight as I do during the day and Pure is definitely a night time strain!😴 😎🧐

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Amen! I need to take a loan out for all these 🔥 hits on the board right now

  • It is a pretty amazing menu across all shippers @MigraineWarrior79 and @OzBaxter! @MerlinsMagic has more to drop apparently…I already warned the wife that we’d probably be ordering more.😊😉😎🧐

  • Lol yeah already planning @TheProfessor and that sounds awesome definitely looking forward to it and have to get back for the permanent marker lol

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    I almost went with a split of Permanent Marker and Face Melt. @TheProfessor your right with those genetics you can’t go wrong.They definitely look premium for an indoor price. @posternugbag looking forward to your review.
    Showed Loud some love this time around. Grabbed a split of NYCD and R2D2. Haven’t had NYCD in a long time. Looks fire for GH!

  • @superman38NC really interested in how you like the NYCD. I should have my permanent marker in the next day or two and I’ll report back.

  • Sounds great! @posternugbag I’ll let you know about NYCD. I imagine it will be end of week or later before it arrives.

  • Put in a request from Merl on Sat 30 really hoping it's already moving definitely waited too long😬 but things been great besides my slight oversight

  • @posternugbag sorry I didn't get back sooner on that NYCD! It's excellent. Definitely has that old school aroma and appearance. Effects though are right on point for a great w & b. It gives me energy like a sativa should. If you like Sour D you will like this!

  • @MerlinsMagic Hey THANK YOU Merlin! Had a bad vape and the Magic Crew came through with a replacement and some choice freebies. Appreciate the amazing customer service.

  • 🙏🔥

    I don’t know if I’ll do the disposables anymore, too many issues with multiple brands :/

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