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We received our order of Pure Kush today along with a variety of samples to check out and review. Some of the new Indoor Face Melt, Permanent Marker, and Z3, as well as Alpha Runtz, Dosilato, and Cherry Do-si-dos labeled as "new Product." After putting the Pure away (we'll be hitting that at bedtime), I grabbed the Permanent Marker.

Permanent Marker has the pedigree to be amazing and it doesn't disappoint. As the menu points out it's a Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherbet BX hybrid, generally listed as 70/30% leaning Indica. It's so shiny and sparkly! The aroma is sweet and spicy with a kick of diesel. It's so's everywhere! The smoke is a little harsh but it has a unique peppery/spicy taste. The effects hit almost immediately. It has us feeling happy, calm, and relaxed without much sedation. It's really strong though. My educated guess would be high 20s...maybe 28-29%, something I haven't noticed here often. This Permanent Marker is really outstanding and probably should have been a premium offering. If you're a fan of GSC or Sunset Sherbet like I am, Permanent Marker is for you! Really strong, relaxing, and not overly sedating...perfect for unwinding after work or for a lazy weekend afternoon.😎🧐

Your thoughts on Permanent Marker?



  • Mine said out for delivery but did not come with my mail. Hopefully tomorrow. Not sure why it didn’t land. I’m thinking the mailman had to get out and put a larger package on my porch and got distracted and forgot to put my pack in the box.

  • How are you getting all these samples? I usually get a single kinda weak gummy that’s labeled 25mg or a mystery pinner that’s rolled tight as can be.

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    Idk...I guess Merlin likes my reviews.😁 I just wrote that they could send me anything they'd like me to review or try.🤪😎🧐 I purchase a lot from Merlin, but I usually get what you get with most of my orders.😉

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    Indoor Z3
    We transitioned to Z3 as we were getting ready for MNF. This Z3 is nicely cured, dense, but with a nice give. The buds are different shades of green with orangish hairs. The aroma is sweet berries, earthy, and pine. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less as it's a Zkittles x Hindu Kush hybrid (80/20 Indica leaning). The taste is also as expected, but brighter! The berry taste really surprised me and it came with a citruusy finish. Tasty!🤤 The Z3 high is nice and stoney, but not quite as strong or as sleepy as I was hoping. Nonetheless Z3 is really nice and relaxing, providing a quiet mind while relaxing the body's muscles and easing pain. Definitely an evening strain paired well with a football game from the couch (or bed).😁😎🧐

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    Awesome reviews of PM and Z3! @TheProfessor I'm waiting to see what Merlin drops later before I order again. Eyeing that PM. I'm curious to hear how that Cherry Dosidos is 😎. They all sound great!

  • Thanks my friend @superman38NC. The PM is truly exceptional, maybe one of the best overall strains/grows I’ve ever had from here! I gotta have more…so I ordered an ounce!😂. I’ll give the Cherry Do-si-dos a try this afternoon.😎🧐

  • Wow! Coming from you I didn't hesitate @TheProfessor just ordered! See reviews work 😎 Need more let me know! @MerlinsMagic 😉

  • Hoping my PM hits today. Got the red alert “awaiting delivery scan” update on my ID. Makes me a tad nervous.

  • I get that @posternugbag! I’m always nervous on delivery day. Yesterday I was shocked to find that USPS had written on the box that it wasn’t sealed and that they had resealed it!😳. Thank goodness for the Mylar and multi layer packaging! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Permanent Marker.😎🧐

  • @superman38NC 😁 Sorry my friend.😉. I hope you like it as much as we do! Unfortunately, we smoked it up last night (it was so good), so it’ll probably be sometime between Friday and Monday before we have PM again. Should have just done a two zip split with the Pure Kush in the first place.🙄😂😎🧐

  • Well the mailman has come and gone again today with no package. Now I am worried. Not nervous that I’ll never get it but anxious that this one won’t arrive and then they’ll run out of the strain I wanted. Sucks

  • Sorry to hear that @posternugbag. The waiting and worrying always sucks!

  • Ordered Friday, haven't seen a label yet. But I imagine Merls is knee-deep in orders right now. Patience will reward me in the end.👍🏼

    (Begins anxiously sawing table edge with fingernail)

  • YO! Scratch that! I found a package from Merlin in my mailbox today, nothing on ID! I ordered on Friday, and it is here on the East Coast on a Tuesday. Now THAT is some damn service! 🤘🏼👍🏼🔥🔥😂 Thanks @MerlinsMagic !!

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    Cherry Dosidos
    Aside from being a little squished, this looks like it could be premium or ultra premium flower, although the label was simply handwritten "Cherry Dosidos." The buds are beautiful shades of green with deep purple undertones, sprinkled with brown hairs and covered in frosty trichomes. The aroma is sweet and fruity with a hint of earth and spice. The taste is equally sweet. Research indicates that this is either Phantom Cookies x Dosidos (50/50 balanced hybrid) or Cherry Pie x Dosidos (Indica leaning hybrid). I'm leaning toward the later, but my love for Cherry Pie may be clouding my judgement.😉 Cherry Dosidos is some strong medicine! It has a great stoney feeling around the eyes and cheekbones and i'm feeling really calm and mellow, but not sedated. In fact, I'm focused and heading out to wash the car in the driveway as I'm heading to the track later this week. I'm not certain of it's genetics and it's not currently on the menu (yet??), but if it pops up, I'm grabbing some!😁😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor thanks for posting so many of these awesome, informative reviews! What do you think of the Face Melt effects by the way?

  • Thanks @fm_25 I’m glad you enjoy them. I haven’t had a chance to try the Face Melt yet. It looks premium, but I’ve had to work late the last couple days…too late to try something like Face Melt. We did try the Dosilato last night. It was labeled “New Product” so it may be coming soon?? It’s another good evening strain for winding down, relaxing, and getting ready for bed. Although it wasn’t particularly sleepy or hard hitting. It was just pleasant. I’ve got another late night tonight, but I’m eager to give Face Melt a try ASAP!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor thx for the review on the Cherry D! Sounds fantastic. I’ll be watching for it. Recently picked up some Slurty which is a cross of Dosidos and Purple Punch. Sounds like the effects are similar. Dosidos must be the latest strain to cross with. 😎

  • Yep @superman38NC the Cherry D is a winner! That Slurity sounds great too! Yeah, Dosi seems to be the latest thing. I just finished some local Lemon Dosidos that was some excellent evening medicine!😎🧐

  • Got my permanent marker yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet but it looks and smells excellent. Best looking indoor I’ve had from here over the three years I’ve been ordering.

  • Hoping to see one of 2 show today extremely wishful thinking tho with saying day after tomorrow unfortunately glad to hear people excited and enjoying tho for sure

  • @TheProfessor makes sense about not wanting to try the Face Melt too late & that Dosilato sounds very chill! There's so many different types of strains to choose from lately which is pretty sweet.

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    @fm_25 Got home from the drag strip last night and figured wth, and loaded up a bowl of the indoor Face Melt. This is, again, some absolutely gorgeous indoor bud. Mixed greens with hints of hidden purples generously covered in off-white frosty trichomes. It has a spicy, earthy aroma and taste…somewhat sour on the tongue. It’s supposedly a 50/50 balanced hybrid, but I have it effects leaning Indica. It’s a cross of Grimace OG x Face Off OG x Rare Dankness #1 which has some Purple Urkle, Ghost OG, and Triangle OG buried in its genetics. It left us super relaxed and pain free, definitely a couch locker! I just wanted to close my eyes, not because I was sleepy, I was just extremely stoned and content!

    The current menu offerings are fantastic!😎🧐

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    Face melt sounds like another winner! Really cool you enjoy drag racing @TheProfessor my wife grew up going to the one in Bristol. I went once with her several years ago. Definitely intense/lots of fun!

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    @superman38NC Face Melt is definitely 🔥! Another winner indeed!
    Yeah, I hadn’t been to the track in almost 15 years. It was so much fun to make a few passes. It’s just a local 1/4 mile track. I’ll definitely be going again soon!😁😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor thanks for sharing that review - the Face Melt sounds amazing! Glad it didn't make it tough to sleep and was very relaxing/pain free. I'm planning to grab some when Merlin posts new menu updates. I think Blue Dream Haze was mentioned as an upcoming offering too which sounds legit.

  • Wow even cooler driving! Did you used to race a lot?

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    Yeah…until work got too busy about 10-15 years ago. Just street cars for fun though. I’ve got an old muscle car and my daily driver is quite fast as well. But, I’m not hard core…I just like cars!😁😎

    That Blue Dream Haze sounds interesting @fm_25. I’ve had anxiety problems with Blue Dream in the past, but I’d give Blue Dream Haze a try! Sounds great!🧐

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    Alpha Runtz
    Alpha Runtz was labeled as “New Product” but it’s currently on the menu as an Ultra Premium offering, which this batch clearly is! Buds are shades of dark and light green with an abundance of dark violet undertones, hairs of orange, and coated in amber trichomes. This is a really beautiful flower and definitely ultra premium in appearance.

    This is an interesting strain. Depending on the cultivar, Alpha Runtz may be Runtz x Alpha Express, Zkittles x Gelato #33, or Bacio Gelato (#41) x Runtz. I’m leaning towards the last as it makes the most sense. It has a nice aroma that’s fruity and sweet and the taste is of berries with a hint of coolness on the tail end. It’s really strong, although it’s quite a creeper as I didn’t feel much until I’d almost finished the bowl. I went outside for a little while and wow…I was intoxicated!🫠 Alpha Runtz is really euphoric, relaxing, and intoxicating while not being overly sedating…and it comes with a nice body buzz. Another great strain from @MerlinsMagic.😎🧐

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    Our zip of this fantastic Permanent Marker landed a little while ago.🥳 We ordered Monday night. This stuff is really really good!😁 I’ve been smoking some 50/50 29% Early Lemon Berry OG all morning and switched over to the PM now that’s it’s after noon🤣. This is some next level cannabis with top-self effects!🤪🫠 I’m becoming one with the Permanent Marker!😁😎🧐
    Your experience may vary!🙂🤔

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