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  • Yeah the Permanent Marker is my favorite stain of 2023. I wish I bought more than a half. It gets me stoned like I used to feel when i was a teenager. Super baked. Tastes and smells great and is nice and sticky. A+

  • My thoughts exactly @posternugbag!😁😎🧐

  • Come on pay day! 🤣

  • @TheProfessor how does the Permanent Marker compare to the Face Melt? Both sound great and I'm looking to top off my indica leaning choices. I'm down to just Ice Cream Cake and Mendo Breath right now which are both remarkably average.

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    Permanent Marker!! Hands down @Sixwaychili! The Face Melt is good, the Permanent Marker is exceptional. I received both as samples…I then ordered the Permanent Marker! The Face Melt is more of a balanced hybrid, the PM hits really strong like a great Indica should!😎🧐. This Permanent Marker is anything but average!😁

  • Permanent Marker is probably my “Best MM Strain of 2023” @Sixwaychili and this has been an excellent year here selection wise. PM has that high THC kick that I usually get from high THC dispensary flower.

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    I wouldn't be opposed to some good ol master kush on the menu. Just sayin

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    Master Kush…it’s been here before @TreesPlz, but it’s been quite awhile. I can never get enough heavy Indicas.😎🧐

  • Informed delivery isn’t super reliable, sorry you got nervous and happy you got the goods.

    @TheProfessor thanks for the bad ass reviews as usual

  • It looks like the Cherry Dosi (Dosidos) and Dosilato samples from last month have finally hit @MerlinsMagic least I hope they're the same!😉 Both were really good, especially the Cherry D which was exceptional! Both are offered as Ultra Premium, which doesn't surprise me if they're the same grow(er). I grabbed a z of the Cherry D anyway!😁😎🧐

  • That CherryD sounds great! How does it compare to the Permanent Marker? @TheProfessor Just finished that up and already missing it! @MerlinsMagic any chance of grabbing more PM?

  • I haven’t had the Cherry Dosi since I reviewed the sample last month @superman38NC. While both the PM and Cherry D were outstanding, the PM is definitely stronger. I still have quite a bit, but I’d love more! I’m still waiting on the Cherry Dosi. Hopefully it’ll be here by the end of the week. I knew when I reviewed it that when/if it hit the menu I’d grab some. It was also really outstanding in both looks and effects and I can’t wait to have more than just a couple grams!😎🧐

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    Awesome! Thanks my friend. I'm torn between that and some Sweet Tea Sherb. The PM was darn near perfect 🤙🏼

  • The Sweet Tea Sherb sound really good too, I’d never heard of it. Yeah, that Permanent Marker may be one of the best strains I’ve ever had! @MerlinsMagic ???

  • Yeah I tried grabbing more pm but was already gone and down to bout a g and waiting on premium split from loud

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    If any of the shippers get an indoor/premium Superglue (northern lights x skunk #1) dont hesitate just grab some 🚀🔥🙃. Best high I've experienced in a long time. Mind healing powers!

  • @TheProfessor have you tried the GMO Cookies? That seems up your alley. My better half needs some pain relief and am trying to find the best choices for her.

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    Hey @Sixwaychili how are you my friend? We tried the premium GMO Cookies as a sample and it’s really good! It was a little unfair as we still had about a 1/4 of 35% dispensary GMO Cookies. I’ve found that GMO is really excellent for pain, but can be a little on the heavy side, and sometimes a little sleepy.🫠 I also find the aroma and taste amazing! It’s a strain I try to always keep on hand.👍🏼. The premium Speaker Knockerz intrigues me.😎🧐

    @superman38NC I've got my eye out for some of that Superglue! Sounds like something I need my friend!😁😉

  • Thanks @TheProfessor. I got 1/2 of the premium GMO Cookies coming now. In the description, it says it's 34%, so maybe it's similar to what you got from the dispensary.

  • It was really good @Sixwaychili! I hadn’t read that about the 34%.👍🏼 I think I had the sample a week or two before it hit the menu. I’ve thought about purchasing a THC test kit, but even the cheaper ones are pretty expensive. It’d be great to know where some of these strains really land…like the Permanent Marker. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s also a high THC strain. We hope that you and your better half enjoy the GMO Cookies!😉 It’s one of our “go to” evening strains.😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor Ohhhhh the GMO Cookies is awesome! I was down to only Mendo Breath and Ice Cream Cake for indicas and the GMO Cookies is at least twice as strong.

  • Glad to hear that my friend @Sixwaychili!! That’s awesome! We only had a couple grams of Merlin’s GMO, but as a strain, I’ve never had a bad or weak batch. Funny, I’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on some local 29% Ice Cream Cake.😁😎🧐

  • Mean I love garlic cookies anyways but went with yalls suggestion on a split with z3 see how it is with sub alternatives just in case this time lol

  • I see the requests for more Permanent Marker, and Superglue. Will do what I can

  • Yes sir, jumped on that praying was in there quick enough and tried for the gmo cookies again🤷‍♂️🤣 definitely want the permanent marker but if can't fill gmo white fire or tropical banana works for sure or if super glue is in and indoor. Was very pleased with last couple request I've submitted besides would've loved those gmo cookies but understood that sometimes that's just how it goes

  • Thanks for bringing back Permanent Marker! After the review from @TheProfessor I was sorry I missed it.

  • @buds ive talked to the grower and he’s down to keep growing it… just a matter of timing. After all the buzz from the forum I’m going to try and keep it in stock.

  • That’s awesome @MerlinsMagic! I’d be ok with keeping Permanent Marker on hand all the time!😁😎🧐

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