70% flower 30% tobacco

Can anyone help me understand why this is done in the prerolls? Does it dilute the potency at all? Specifically with the modified grape prerolls from Merlin.

Thank you!


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    @BudLover the only preroll I see that would contain tobacco is the Super Boof blunts by HT. I think the merlin greenhouse freshies is all flower. I've had a few of them and haven't tasted any tobacco.

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    It's a traditional joint combo--the marijuana cigarette. This practice of mixing tobacco with marijuana is done in many countries to this day. It does not dilute the potency of the marijuana, but does change the experience. IMO, the combo makes you feel higher due to the additional stimulant. Similar principle to adding cocaine to a joint (aka a Koolie).

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    It's on the Jealousy Freshes pre-rolls. Although I think it's a typo? I haven't noticed that before

    EDIT TO ADD: On the Modified Grape too. That must be a new addition because I did not notice that the last time I was on here. Or maybe I just did not notice it at all?

  • Huh? Can somebody @medboy @MerlinsMagic please clear this up? If I’ve been smoking a tobacco blend (mod grape and other freshies) for weeks now I need to know asap so I can stop. Thx.

  • This just recently changed, about a week ago, with their newer stock.

  • Please make this fact more evident in the listings. FWIW I pulled the screen caps I took of the pre-rolls I had purchased and no mention of tobacco. As it’s shown now if I had reordered I probably would’ve missed the ingredient change. Thx.

  • Back when I was more poor than I am now or when I used to run low on weed I would add tobacco to the mix stretching my weed longer. The high is more intense but with that added risk.

  • Ya, I didn't catch that and ordered some, really not interested in the tobacco addition. Wish I wouldn't have ordered this.

  • A little tobacco every now and then ain't gonna kill ya

  • I quit tobacco in 2000, but I'll admit that a proper made blunt tastes very good.

  • Only my personal preference. I smoke 🚬 cigarettes. I smoke maybe half pack a day if that. I also smoke green lol obviously. But I don't like mixing. It ruins taste for me. But had a friend from Spain and that's really popular over there...spliffs he called em. Close to half tobacco n half green. This was bout 15 years ago. Hash is real big there too... put inside the spliff. But if u quit smoking cigarettes after length of time smoking, ur body will respond to the nicotine. But in general, like @TreesPlz said a lil tobacco every now n then aint gonna kill ya.
    Happy 🌬 🙂Have great day medman fam!

  • @BudLover I ordered one a while ago and I didn't smell feel or taste any tobacco, if there is any it isn't a high percentage. I just remember it being incredibly smooth and slow burning, high quality shit, smoked it throughout a day. If it were cheaper, say 20 bucks per I'd be ordering multiple an order. It was quite the experience so I'd bet you still won't be disappointed.

  • I theorize this is only been added to the latest batch, as they might have run low on certain strains and are mitigating that loss with the tobacco to even out their stock. No inside baseball knowledge, just a wild guess.

  • What's the tobacco quality like? Are we talking Dunhills or Mavericks?

  • Some have tobacco and some don’t. We’ve ordered organic homegrown and put through a grinder ourselves.

  • Some are spliffs and some are pure cannabis… check the descriptions before ordering.

  • @medboy is there a way we can make it more obvious which contain tobacco? Call the ones with tobacco SPLIFFS .

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