Website problems

I keep getting a page not working error when I try to submit my order



  • Ok so I guess the order goes through but the website doesn't take you to the order complete page with the bitcoin instructions. Still got an email though. So sorry @medboy there are several orders of the same thing. Hope that doesn't mess anything up.

  • hmmm it seems to be working for me. If you or anyone else continues to have problems let me know!

  • Clear your browser

  • I turned in an order Sunday. litecoin no emails.

  • Having same issue when placing order. Gets an error before payment screen pops. Cleared cache/cookies and tried both Chrome and Opera browsers.

  • ended up just using the email confirmation to send the Bitcoin. Did the same thing as @Cob . Oops with the multiple orders

  • I just placed an order but had no problems. Payment notification came in within one minute. Maybe the issues are solved now.

  • Can anyone tell me what the error message says?

  • I didn’t get an erro, but I didn’t get an email. Neither email.

  • Has anybody else placed an order in the last couple of days without getting an email response? When this happens I feel like my order didn’t go through. @medboy thanks

  • My order last night using bitcoin sailed through with no problems. Instant email replies at each phase like usual.

  • I don’t think I entered an incorrect email address. But maybe

  • Would like to try possibly using ltc but will have to figure all that out since been using btc exclusively

  • With cash app, and my smallish orders, the fee is small.

  • @leaf just write to me with order details using the contact form and I'll check it out. @vapedad78 process is the same (though automatic payment received emails are not currently working so you have to wait for those till I push them through).

  • @medboy thank you

  • Yeah pretty sure I'll have to use different provider since don't think usual I go through has that as option though

  • Just placed and order and after submitting all i got was a blank page, no payment page. I tried resubmitting and even going back and submitting the order again, but i think i just created duplicate orders, since when i checked my email, i had 3 payment emails. I paid the most recent one and i just hope everything arrives ok because i even had notes and i don’t know if any of that went through. I did get an email saying my payment was received, so i ha e my fingers crossed that everything goes well, since it really through me when i got a blank payment page. After i was done i figured id come here and check to see if anyone else had issues and i found this thread, figured Id relate my experience….

  • Also, I apologize for the order in triplicate, i hope it doesn’t cause too much confusion….

  • @Helensrz they don’t see your order until it’s marked paid. The other two orders will vaporize.

  • just got this error message when I clicked on the website--Your connection is not private
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

  • @helensrz not sure what is up there. Mostly things are working well but a few people having problems. As for the privacy error you can click through on this..we know the issue and it is being dealt with.

  • I couldn’t get to Medman…is the security certificate expired?

  • The site security cert just expired, its like the tag on your car, medteam is working to get it up to date but for those who do not understand Just jumping in to help out and explain: if you are using a browser like Chrome or explorer, you must click advanced in the bottom section of the error bulletin and then click proceed to website in order for it to take you to the actual site.
    All function and forms should be working fine, the certificate is just a checking method for the bots to quickly spot websites with expired certs or none to begin with and alert that it may not be safe. Again all functions of the site and security are fine from there as noted above by medboy, just click through and go about your day as normal checking new drops and dreaming of your next strain of choice!

  • Thank you so much!

  • Yeah sorry this is going on so long. Should have sorted in the morning. On a regular site it's an easy fix, but out site is super locked down for protection and we're having a particular issue with it. Thanks @Hideurself for the explanation.

  • Really appreciate you all. Going to the tool show and they will smell MM!!!! Smells like teen spirit!

  • oops. I just placed so many duplicate orders because of the error message over the past daqy. Finally read the board and paid via the e-mail notification. Sorry for the extra orders/confusion MM!

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