Strawberry Cough

If anyone recd the Strawberry Cough. Please give review its normal a very good sativa dominate strain Thanks


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    @tac it is excellent! Received this am. Sticky buds with a sour strawberry aroma. Smokes equally nice! Took a min to kick in but so far I’ve kicked some butt this morning with normal chores 😎. First bud ground I received four nice beans! Little treasures in my book!

  • Thanks for the review.

  • I’m hoping for some similar effects @superman38NC. I just ordered a zip of White Strawberry to pick up this afternoon. Yep, it’s a cross of The White and Strawberry Cough! Also ordered a z of 31% Sherbhead. @MerlinsMagic needs some new strains…like Moon Boots!😁😎🧐

  • White strawberry sounds delicious! So does Sherbhead.. @TheProfessor so funny I was looking at Tahoe genetics yesterday and saw that Archive Seedbank created MoonBoots.. unfortunately they were out of those seeds but I'm eyeing anything Tahoe now.

  • Tahoe is one of those great base strains @superman38NC . I’m kind of partial to it in its original OG form.
    How was the packaging on your last HT package? I’ve never ordered from them and am considering a WTC😉/ Platinum OG Kush split. My Mama/Merlin orders and deliveries have been nearly flawless over the years but I need to get in on that WTC and I always can use Platinum OG😴.
    The Sherhead is delicious, strong, stoney, and still uplifting, Happy weed! I’ll give the White Strawberry a try after dinner. So far, it was a good haul!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor I'll be on the look out for Tahoe OG. Loud had some Purple Tahoe last year and it was one of my favs. I really like Happy Trees packaging. Little diff from the rest. Th putter bag is easily reusable and inside my split was in labeled sand which bags. Nothing overly suctioned. All my 1/4's wher good sized buds. No shake or smalls. The freebie J was incredible @HappyTrees had me almost giggling.

  • @superman38NC life is good. Most of the time.

  • @leaf indeed! Wow I really had some bad auto correct on my last post..(the outer bag, sandwich, were good sized)

  • I got what you meant @superman38NC.

    The Sherbhead is really good, the White Strawberry is outstanding! It’s listed as a 50/50 hybrid, but it was marketed as an Indica. Definitely stoney and incredibly intoxicating! Had me staggering around the house for a couple of hours.😎🧐

  • Thanks friend..White Strawberry sounds great!.one day we will catch up and burn down 🤙🏼...this batch of SC has surprised me. About to grind some up for the morning 😎

  • Yep I can do without seeds in my weed.

  • @tac totally understand. Funny enough the first little bud I rolled had 3-4 nice seeds. Haven't found any since. Almost done with my 1/4.

  • @superman38NC me too. Found three and none since.

  • I really wanted to grab a 1/4 of that white tahoe cookies. It was gone so I went with the Permanent Marker. All the reviews sold me on it. Although I'm pretty much strictly a Indica smoker and Merlins PM says it leans Sativa while Lous UP PM says it leans indica. Anytime I try to give sativa a chance again it messes up my head bad(nerves). So instead relief I get panic attacks. If indulging in sativa I need a xanax to take before hand. I I don't feel like I should need to ingest xanax to enjoy smoke. Also got a Lil of Merlins RS11 and Apple Fritter in the way. Hope it's all 🔥!!!

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    @Mr4Sher the Tahoe Cookies is great. One of the more relaxing strains I've had..don't 💨 early unless you want to be derailed for the day 😂 Not many strains can do that to me. With that said the PM is excellent for anytime of day although it packs a punch. I'd go easy on it. For some reason it's rough on my lungs. Both batches from Merlin has been rough in that regards. Is it worth it? Definitely! 😎

  • @Mr4Sher I wouldn’t worry too much about the Permanent Marker. It’s pretty balanced, but I think you’ll find that it leans Indica. I have the same issues and PM doesn’t bother me at all! I find it helps with my anxiety and panic attacks.😎🧐

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