Free Shipping!

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Ok gang you're favorite cannabis vendor just got better! Free shipping on all orders!


  • Wow. Didn’t see this thread before ordering. It was a nice surprise. Particularly helpful for smaller orders, imho. Thanks.

  • Awesome!! Thanks!!

  • WOW thank you

  • Gracias definitely understand shipping cost can eat into profits like a mofo so definitely gratefully appreciated, only place we have a voice that's awesome getting feedback from custys

  • Sabian Sage Daily: "An Examination of Initiates“
    Blessings to you all. Quick shout out to my favorite astrologer. Many thanks!

  • Much appreciated, thank you!

  • Thanks so much!!!

  • Thanks so much!!

  • What would really be great is if we can get our orders in a decent amount of time!!! Merlin has great shipping times the other 2 vendors are horrible it’s like they don’t wanna ship it lol

  • I know they are shipping at the same rate that merlin does, however I think the difference is that merlin ships from a place where the usps systems are better run so what I'm seeing is that there is often an extra couple days added to the ship time from the other two.

  • Amazing, thank you!

  • I purposefully bring mail to a major mailing centers and have work near here for this reason.

  • Thank you, Medboy, as every little bit helps! Just ordered a 4-way premium flower split from HT and a split of that new bubble hash from Merlin. Love the free shipping!!!

  • Banana punch and Wonka split requested the 8th and just touched down so bout normal which iI'll definitely take. Both look good and will dive into later for sure so far so good

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