No Yahoo e mail?

Hello been a while since ordering and now I am seeing on the order form to not use a yahoo e mail address with you guys. Can someone fill me in a bit?...I have always used yahoo and never had an issue. If I need to make a new account to order with do you guys have a preferred e mail host? @medboy


  • Not speaking for medman, but I have zero issues with Email is encrypted so full privacy.

  • If you have no issues then no problem but we get a lot of our emails to yahoo get put into spam. Now seems we are having issues with gmail. We're looking for a good solution but the best thing is for folks to whitelist us.

  • I've already done the white list in Gmail but I was wondering if you can add the email address to your contact list, would that work as well?

  • @Sixwaychili thanks I am always liking more privacy like with signal app for messaging...just happen to use the same yahoo e mail for at least 20 years now and haven't changed yet.
    Thank you for the clarification @medboy wasn't sure how serious of an issue it may have been

  • @antfuzz it makes no difference if we add on our end unfortunately.

  • @nefgreen and even better, I get almost zero spam with protonmail. I abandoned my 25+ year old yahoo email because of spam.

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    For what it's worth, Yahoo has worked for me with no problems all these years. This last time I ordered I used Gmail, and I had no problems there either.

    I am using Firefox, if that means anything.

  • @Sixwaychili I use protonmail also. I used to use rocketmail before and they were sent to spam, but I just knew to look there instead of the normal inbox. But I like the features of protonmail way better!

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