Anybody member of the dynaverse?

I own a 21m and a M+. Also have a titanium tip and some other parts. They really are cool and addicting. Also conserve weed and vaping flower tastes in credible. Been looking at the Helix Tip hard. Also the Armored and Perforated caps. Definitely hoing to be buying a wand asap. A vong or omni... Not sure yet. If you've never heard of them give em a look!


  • I been wanting a dynavape just haven't gotten round to it, been using an arizer eq since round beginning of lock down

  • Never heard of those, but you are correct, vaping flower is amazing! You can even reuse the abv left over. I use a pax 3 and a dynavap for vaping flower.

  • I enjoy vaping, but find smoking more convenient. I've got a pair of Pax 3s and a Mighty. We use the ABV to make infused honey.

  • When combusting marijuana, you lose quite a bit of terpenes. Here is one example. "Beta-Caryophyllene
    Beta-Caryophyllene, which provides a spicy aroma similar to black pepper or basil, is one of the few terpenes that binds directly to cannabinoid receptors (specifically CB2 receptors).[6] This means it is a terpene that is commonly featured along with CBD products, often for anti-inflammation and antianxiety relief. Beta-Caryophyllene has a burning point of 119 degrees Celsius (246 degrees Fahrenheit)."

  • The other wonderful thing about a Dynavap is using a very small quantity of cannabis. When using other dry, vaping devices usually end up using a third more than I would, when using a Dynavap.

  • I got like a quarter of abv saved up from dry vaping gonna make something with or can rest with peanut butter lol

  • @Vapedad78 I've got a bunch of avb saved up too! Not exactly sure what imma do with it...

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