Discount Mendo Purps and DosDiDos from Merlin

Just ordered a split of the discount Mendo Purps and Dosdidos that Merlin has up... Ordered some discounted Mendo Purps from them a few months ago and it was really good. Hoping for the same this time around. Reviews to come!


  • I hope it doesn’t go through Atlanta. USPS is doing the same thing there they did in Texas recently. Changing distribution centers with the typical poor planning. What a mess.

  • @leaf Shouldn't!! I'm in the midwest...

  • Its the same stuff, solid outdoor herb.

  • hey merlin i just got a zip of both dosi smells smoky was this some of that weed we got last year that had been near the fires

  • @cmweems1964 I'll ask... definitely from that region

  • I got the same split and I don’t smell anything. It smells like hay to me. Like no good weed smell or anything. I imagine it’s going to taste how it smells, it makes me very reluctant to even want to burn one lol

  • Yeah it's OK but nothing to rave over....

  • So I pulled the product... I don't want to offer anything bunk to people. @Mr4Sher @cmweems1964 @Johnnyblue42 should I keep offering this at a steep discount? Or its to wack to be worthy of being posted??

  • On the Mendo Purps I like size of nugs and smell of Grape kool aid. Really liked the moister content. Smoke is mellow and taste is sweet. Takes a few puffs to get right is about the only remark i got. I'm using it to make tincture. Will report back on that in a week.

  • I didn’t want to complain but I literally can’t even smoke it, it tastes so bad. I would of never purchased if I saw it before I could buy it. I’ve loved all your other discounted stuff but this one is not the one. Thank you for getting input on it though @MerlinsMagic you guys rock!

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    @Johnnyblue42 you talked to @medboy already right? We took care of you as I remember.

    I think some of the bags were better than others. Glad to know some people have had a much better experience than that like @WeirdSin. I'm going to have to go through it and see if we can't save some, and deeply discount or throw away.

  • No I didn’t reach out to him, I just got mine last night

  • Ordered some apples and bananas, and PM. Premiums have been best for me. Ultra premiums are prettier but not necessarily better. IMHO

  • I was wondering if it got pulled or ran out. No real strength to this one or smell as others stated. The mendo I mean.

  • Also the site appears to be down right now. @medboy

  • This is the order I wish I hadn't placed. Couldn't afford it and thought "budget" so I went with it. Was not great medicine like usual. Win some lose some.

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    @Mr4Sher @nefgreen @Johnnyblue42
    email medboy and we'll make it right

  • Thanks @MerlinsMagic for making it right. Already see it on tracking.
    Gotta say...yall at medman have been great...this is only the second time I have had a quality issue in like 3-4 yrs of ordering and you guys always fix any problems.

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    merlin man i just got into my zips and its pretty bad but its not as bad as some of the stuff i got from around here.i have orderd something else its back up for a bad day if i run out but its the worst i have ever gotten from you, but its discounted for a reason right.

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    Reship came super fast. Not sure why it’s just more of the same bunk weed though? Lol

  • @Johnnyblue42 @MerlinsMagic Really? I emailed medboy, like merlin said to, and he said they would reship and I'm still waiting on label created. The same stuff tho???

  • @Johnnyblue42. I think there was a misinterpretation when I put in for the reship. I've mentioned this to them and if they haven't shipped you. a good replacement they will.

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    Ok I’m sorry @medboy i wasn’t trying to be ungrateful or anything I was just kind of surprised that’s all. But thank you for correcting it. Y’all are the best.

  • @Johnnyblue42 Yeah I confirmed they are sending you something else. they just misunderstood when I wrote to them.

  • Now my reship has shown up on informed delivery! Best customer service ever. Thanks guys!!! You the best!!!!

  • I got mochi smalls as a replacement. Smells nice but haven't tried it yet. Definitely smells better than the discounted outdoor!!!

  • 😅 thanks guys for your patience.

    The last time I got flower from that guy it was epic, so I didn’t go through each one, and will have to pay the price unfortunately…

    Your continued business is more important to me that sticking you with anything bunk, so am happy to provide a replacement.

  • Also got some of the Mochi Smalls, it smells and looks great! Thank you for the reship @MerlinsMagic @medboy. Also I really appreciate the free gift! You guys really are awesome and I’m so grateful for the topnotch service you guys provide!

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