I am seeing several new concentrates on the menu containing THCA. A lot in the news recently about THCA. The good thing is it is totally legal based on the 2019 Farm Bill. @MerlinsMagic are the new batters and crumbles the same THCA that is offered by all these legal hemp sites using the Farm Bill as a workaround?


  • They are legal yes. Also the pure crystals are more stable. Heat them up and they will activate to regular THC.

  • I haven't been a fan of thca stuff I've tried so far unfortunately, it's all seemed more harsh and effects not quite as good or different

  • @Vapedad78 i agree. My wife bought me an ounce for Christmas from one of the online retailers. I’ve tried it twice and wasn’t impressed. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good for some people.

  • @Vapedad78 everyone is pushing THCA now based on the legal loophole. I have never tried it, however the entire business revolves around early testing so they can ship it before the THCA limits turn into THC.

  • @friendsofbillw you can buy it at convenience stores in GA. Skeptical after the legal weed craze a decade ago.

  • @leaf yes the stuff is everywhere - the flower can't be distinguished from regular THC flower. Makes you wonder about some of the flower people are buying from their local plug.

  • @friendsofbillw i have suspected some of the stuff I’ve gotten. That’s just another reason I buy here. An entrepreneur could get that that stuff for 30 bucks an O.
    On a lighter note.. I’m a bill walton fan too.

  • It's an interesting loophole - kind of like buying a green unripened banana. The banana will get ripe in a few days on your counter. Your THCA will turn into THC when heat is applied. Not sure if there is anything wrong with it except when it is sold as regular THC to mislead buyers.

  • @MerlinsMagic @medboy So are these new concentrates on the menu just legal hemp derived THCA? If so, and they’re is a mix of hemp derived and cannabis derived, could there be a note on the description denoting it as legal hemp vs cannabis? Because I’m with some of these comments, I’ve tried some of the legal hemp THCA dabs from about 5 different big online retailers and I do not think they are as good as a true cannabis derived batch of dabs (not altered or anything added). Just the oil that was in that plant. Plus, I come to medicineman to get the stuff I cannot get legally in my town. Just would love some clarification on this.

  • In my opinion, those who think THCa is just as good as THC are the same people who can get off on 5 mg edible. Edibles do nothing for me. I haven't gone up to 100 mg I'd rather use flower. I want the real stuff.

  • To clarify, I was implying that I suspect some of the local weed slingers, not medman.

  • @TheMad710Chemist working on clarifying with the vendor

  • @TheMad710Chemist

    So the lab guy is making a write up for us which I will post later.

    Basically the new concentrates are derived from cannabis not hemp and are delta 9 (not delta 9)

    You can’t buy this stuff yon then corner market, and the labeling is mainly to help me out if crossing borders but does reflect actual %age.

    If I understood correctly that’s the deal.
    I will send a better report directly from the manufacturer as soon as I get it.

  • (not delta 8)

  • Someone had gotten me a thca vape from a local b&m and it definitely helps in a pinch but it's a lot more harsh than my regular ones and the effects are slightly different it's hard to explain but I'll keep trying just so far haven't been biggest fan and not cause don't want to be

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    I've also tried THCa products with the same conclusion. The couple flowers I've tried gave me headaches. If these are derived from cannabis not hemp why market as THCa? Confusing market now days.

  • Thca is a precursor to thc. I've done a little reading on it and cannabis plants (from what I've read) don't make thc they make thca which is converted through heat(including room temp). If you look at medical certificates of analysis you will see that almost all of the thc in the plant is thca so it's technically just plain marijuana but they keep it at cooler Temps throughout growing, drying, curing and storing the bud. Ive also read that in order for thc to be "diamonds" it has to be thca because it will only crystallize that way in its acidic from(thca just means thc acid). Once again it's just what I've read on it doing my own research)

  • Oh yeah I concur with all that which is why I don't understand why it's always more harsh and different in effects if it's so identical

  • The information available indicates that thca is comparable but the test is the smoke. I can’t keep weed around for long but that jar of thca weed on my desk probably isn’t going anywhere. It appears to be darker than most weed, harsh and not real. The thca diamonds are apparently a different story.

  • Idk much about growing it and all that but maybe it has to do with the temp it's grown at. I can't think of any reason it wouldn't be exactly the same as any other bud but I've also noticed(I've dabbled quite a bit with thca flower in search of the best legal bud I can find) it's usually pretty harsh compared and very hempy. I've had some that were pretty good though

  • @MerlinsMagic thank you so much for checking on that! Def going to try some soon! I have always loved concentrates from Merlin! Much love to all!

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    What I find odd is that "THCa becomes THC when heated", whereas THC doesn't have any effect on humans unless it's heated. Is there really any difference?

    There's a lot more to cannabis than just THC, which is why I try to stay away from the concentrates.

  • The reason thc doesn't have an effect unless heated is because it's originally thca and heating it decarboxylates it turning into delta 9 thc. That's why raw bud won't do much when you eat it but once it's heated you will feel the effects. When you make edibles you have to heat the bud before you put it in food(once again this is what I've read). I've tried some thca bud that was as good as most regular bud I've smoke but most of it is garbage compared

  • Just wanted to come back and mention here that if anyone was hesitant about ordering @MerlinsMagic new badder concentrates. Don’t be. All of them are fire. Thanks so much again to Merlin for the great selection!

  • I checked my legal buds again. From Bloomz. It’s ThcP not thcA as I first thought. Also, it is infused. I don’t plan on smoking it.

  • @TheMad710Chemist

    Thank you so much for the feedback!!!

    I knew it was solid, and am so glad to get the confirmation that its fire 🔥.


  • Because of the screwed up mail in Texas I’ve been buying thca flower with “pixie dust” (thca) that is really good. $30 for 4.2 grams. The best Ive found is the Caps by Morel. They also have plain flower for $20/4.2 grams that works really well for me as a cancer survivor & gastroparesis warrior.

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