Best Edibles??

Hi Med family and friends! I'm battling some upper respiratory junk right now so I need to switch to edibles for a while. Any current recommendations? I used to get Mama's tin gummies yrs back. Had mixed results with those. Preferably something fresh, easy to dose, and potent 😎. Open to any vendor @LoudnCo @HappyTrees @MerlinsMagic


  • The runtzlicious gummy bites from loud are mindblowing, have amazing flavor and literally very little to no extract/weed taste. They Are dosed at 50mg per piece so double the other offerings and amazing flavor. Only downside I know of is that they do leave a slightly sticky residue on your teeth if you eat a couple but nothing you will fret about once they kick in.

    The indica high drops from Merlin I love to use to sleep with. They are easy to dose, taste fresh and work well. Between the two of those I sometimes take a break from smoke myself and enjoy a nice edible high. Hope this helps!

    Thanks as always to @medboy @LoudnCo @MerlinsMagic

  • I like the drops from happytrees. The mixed pack is a decent value. My favorite high has been the cranberry one but they all hit. One drop can be cut into five slices. I usually cut them into four though.

  • The edibles I want to try but haven't gotten around to it yet are the flavor bomb gummies from loud. Seems like a good deal for $ per mg (yes I made spreadsheets lol). Anyone try them?

  • I prefer Merlin's thc gum drops. I have been getting them regularly.

  • Merlin's THC gum drops are great. For some reason recently they are creating some stomach issues for me. Not sure if it is related to the oil used in making them or something else. Could just be me, however when I stopped them everything cleared up.

  • Our THC tins the best seller on our list.
    @friendsofbillw we are developing a vegan recipe, that might help. Look for it in the next few months.

  • Everything we offer is made in house by our very own employees. Be your own judge, although I'm sure many would vouch for our edibles :)

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