Daily smoker vs edibles

Daily smoker for 35 years - business-related travel situation...can’t burn. Can edibles replace am toke for anxiety, appetite assistance and calming effects and pm for sleep aid and happy relaxation?


  • I’d say not really. Edibles take a while to kick in and the effects can last for hours. Dosing can be tricky. Different buzz than smoking too. I’d suggest an oil vape. Discreet for the most part, a couple puffs and you’re good to go. Low odor and no smoke. Travel friendly 👍

  • Thanks funkynugz! Old school burner trying to learn all the new tech. I’ve been looking at different vape pens...oil, concentrates, dab...wow times have changed. I have A LOT to learn. I have to fly domestic and I knew edibles could be concealed easier. Thanks for the advice ✌🏼

  • Traveling with a small quantity of well-sealed flowers in a checked bag really isn’t much of a big deal within the lower 50 anymore. Bring a small glass bat and toss it when you go home. Bigger challenge is odor in the hotel room. Book rooms with fart suckers in the bathroom. Voila. Bon voyage!

  • Brand new small glass bat in cosmetics bag...Pro tip! Appreciate it!

  • When I travel, I choose the vape cartridges as well. One time, Homeland Security opened my bag and pulled out my cartridges, which I had left in a ziploc bag. "What are these?" the lady asked. "My e-cigarette cartridges," I said. "OK," she said, put them back in my bag, and let me go.

    I think edibles can be a good way to go as well. But they take practice to get them right.

  • Hey medboy thanks for the reply! Would the vape pen kit sold on this site be a good place to start? Ive received such great help & support here, I’d love to purchase all from MM.

  • Agingasian i would definitely go with the vape and pen...everything you need is on the site...I recently took a trip to Disney world and guess what kept me sane the whole time I was there...I’d hit it in line and nobody thought or questioned anything! Very discreet and potency does the trick too!

  • Jlpettis thanks for the advice. Im def gonna need my medicine as I’m traveling with my boss, the ultimate drag. Ugh 😑. I’ve got some questions about the vape pen kit sold on the site. Does it come ready to vape or do I need to order a cartridge? Any ideas about flying with vape pen? I appreciate all the comments!

  • To get everything you'll need, you should order both the vape pen and a set of cartridges.

    Flying with the vapes is easy! Just keep them in your carry-on; security doesn't care.

  • Placed my order yesterday. Took all the advice and got a vape cart refill I plan to try to fill a juul pod with and a couple tinctures. If I chicken out with the vape, the tinctures will blend in with my facial serums perfectly. Thanks you guys. The cannabis loving community is the best!

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