Google reCaptcha

Im not about to tell you how to run your website but I have a personal vendetta against this thing.

I use a VPN to order so it makes everything 2x worse than how it already is on different websites in that you have to reverify yourself multiple times. Its not that it doesnt work but I have yet to have it work in a timely manner and without frustration. I generally spend 3-10 minutes total trying to click on all of the images of crosswalks even when there are none.


  • I don't mess with it, I just hit submit order and it goes through never had a problem. Next time you place an order bypass it and see what happens? works for me. Good luck.

  • Then whys it there lol

  • Whoa really? I didn't know. I'll pass this on to MM.

  • Seems to me to be a very small price to pay for quality pot delivered to your door.

  • Our tech people are working on it now.

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