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Would love to get some other peoples opinions on some of the strains. I like to try different types but it can get expensive and nothing is worse than buying something you don't like or doesn't help you.

Here are a few of mine.
WIFI: Grade A. Gave me a very nice motivated and happy feeling, perfect for work (I do a lot of research an analysis).
Mimosa Refill: Grade C. This isn't a slight on the oil, the taste was great and nice and light, but the strain just doesn't do much for me
XJ-13: Grade B. Exactly as advertised, only complaint is it goes fast but that might be because it is on the lighter sativa side
Orange Cookies: Grade C. Not bad, but not great. Knocked me out later on but felt more spacey than anything else


  • Awesome, I'd love to see more like this!

  • Good info, just ordered blue dream\green crack, hope it is good. I really want to try sour diesel when back in stock. I'm finishing up xj-13, was pretty good.

  • be interested to hear about the dream\green crack.

  • I ordered 2 half grams of Pineapple Express which are no longer offered in the order menu, but the full gram cartridges are. I am disappointed.

    The description was the same for both with: "This hard-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes."

    I guess you need to define the term "hard hitting". After almost a month, the best I can give this one is "oh wow, that didn't even hurt man." (listen to Cheech and Chong's 'Ear Ache My Eye' for the reference) - The buzz, what there was of it, was not long lasting. Cotton mouth was a concern, I got a dry throat and a back of the throat cough several times.

    The upside was that I did get sort of an energetic buzz, but hardly what I would call useful compared to some Girl Scout Cookies I had recently tried. I had a couple of hits of GSC and it wasn't too long before I was out mowing the yard. With this Pineapple Express, there just wasn't enough of anything there to help.

    The description went on to state: "The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar." - According to my daughter, who doesn't smoke anything at all, she said she could not smell anything while I vaped right next to her. So, no smell.

    The taste? There was a faint hint of a fruity taste, nothing definable. The closest I can come to is it tasted sort of like a bowl of the generic-in-a-bag 'Fruity Pebbles". I know this because my grandson eats them for breakfast many mornings.

    The freebie joint gave me a better buzz than did this Pineapple Express in 1/2 gram vape cartridge.

    Just some background info: I am using a eGo-T pen.

  • Thanks for this review! One of the weird things about medical marijuana is that different strains affect different people differently. Nonetheless, this perspective is useful for more people than just you so I thank you very much for sharing it. I invite you to leave similar feedback in the comments of your next order from the same shipper. They would be interested in knowing about it!

  • Cherry Pie Refill: A, I have to admit I was concerned about this one. It is a strain that I've always "thought" should be good for me but in flower never did that much. I bit the bullet and must admit, the taste is beyond great. Similar to the WIFI OG this strain is great in vape form (I order mine from Med Love)

    Strawnana Refill: C+, The taste is fantastic, but i'm also not the biggest indica guy so it did relax me but not much else

    Acid Dream: C+ again, this one might be more on me. Blue dream has never done much for me so this strain while tastes nice felt a little light and airy both taste and effect (not bad by any means, just "light", not to be confused with week).

    Blue Cheese Refill: B as advertised very smooth and can pick up the hints of blue cheese

  • The blue dream x wedding cake carts were amazing! Sweet taste and happy, euphoric, motivated high. Please bring it back! 🙇🏼‍♀️

  • Vape selection is super low! What happened?

  • Medicine Love is taking a vacation so I just removed their selection. We still have some nice flavors from the other two shippers though!

  • Sure do! Thanks @medboy !

  • Any idea if the other vendors have the full gram syringes?

  • Would love for the syringes to come back soon

  • Blue dream x wedding cake cartridges! 🏆⭐️

  • I got in some Pineapple Express in 0.5g cartridge. A sweet taste to the vape and the results are great. Pain relief was fast and effective. The buzz is more laid back than I was expecting, but not too much. - I like it!

  • Loved the Jack Herer syringes. Helped so much sublingual/orally. Just tried some in my vape and it is powerful (but not as long lasting).

  • Im a fan of the refills. It took me a bit to find the right cartrages and needles but after a few flubs Ive figured out a system to get 1g of oil without spilling. $120 for 2 full grams is a pretty good deal on this site if youre interested in sampling

  • Hi Weedguy420 very interested in which refills you liked the best. I got subbed clementine (my bad, I didn’t comment) but Sativas give me anxiety. Do you have favorites?

  • I prefer the distillate “refills” sublingually. Only takes about a half grain of rice size and lasts a good 6-8 hours!

  • Gotta admit I’m not having luck with the refill syringes. I’ve wasted so much product trying to fill carts. I heated the distillate in a shot glass in a pot of water which made the consistency easier to work with but turned it very cloudy, no longer clear. The med mama clementine has a slight citrus aftertaste and I can feel some sort of small head buzz after 8 hits or more but it doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes. I tried eating it and using subcutaneously but that didn’t produce any effect other than frustration. I’ve used several different vape devices but I think I’ll end up getting prefilled carts next time. Smoking joints my entire life has me thinking I’ll never get the full mind/body effect from vapes but I hope I’m wrong.

  • You dumped the distillate into a shot glass? Eating it might be beneficial but nothing youd feel.

    I have a $30 heating lamp in my room and all I have to do is point it upwards and balance the syringe on it for about 10 minutes. All you have to do is screw a tip on it and youre ready to start extracting. Bigger tips are easier to use but they wont fit directly into the cartridge, you just have to press the plunger really hard. Goo will come out in a cheeze wizz type goo and you just sort of spin it around until its on all the sides and then let it slowly let it fall down like tetris, heating will speed this process up

    The first time I did it I squirted it into the cylinder in the middle of the cartridge (it actually kind of worked) It took me until I used my last syringe of 4 because I kept breaking the cartridges. It basically went 0% efficiency on the first one and then 25, 50%, and the last one I broke up into two squeeze sessions

    You can save $200 if you bought 8 refills instead of 8 prefilled

  • Weedguy420 - Thanks for the helpful tips! Yes, attempt 4, I put a small amount in a shot glass and heated that in simmering water in a pot on stove. Your heat lamp tip is much better. Do you mind sharing what brand empty carts you chose, which vape device for THICK viscosity you’ve had success with and finally which strain refill has been effective for you? I’d really like to try this experiment again.

  • Actually, you can eat the refills because they're already decarboxylated. I recommend blending them in something because the taste will be intense.

    I warm the syringes with my hands before refilling. Takes a few minutes but since the concentrate is delicate I'm careful not to overheat.

  • I’ve only ever tried the Gelato 1/2 gram cartridges. I use cannabis to medicate for various disabilities, not to get zooted. Gelato was great for me getting stuff done with a bit of a laid back mental buzz. It was effective and I would buy it again because it achieves my goals, but it doesn’t get me wasted. My friend, however, puffed on it on and off for about 30 minutes and she was toasted!

  • Wham bam thank you MM. Rcvd order 3 business days coast to coast. Doesn’t get better than that. 2nd order experience crushed it. Banana kush gram vapes finally popped my vape high cherry. Great relaxing happy buzz with no sativa anxiety or couch lock. You can’t see me but I’m happy dancing over here! Thanks MM!

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    I do refills only and they are all the same percentage so all I do is read possible effects. Imma sativa man but I’m trying to lean on the indica side too now. The best atomizer for these is the Dragon Hitz with a Z. It’s able to hold 2-1/2 -maybe 3 with a dry coil. They are easier to fill open and use on a MOD. 15 watts -23. I like 14-15. You’re gonna see what ya got really feels like with this one...AND looks exactly like E-Juice!

  • I’m SO glad they finally got these syringes! I suggested them YEARS ago. Can’t believe it...Ive ordered almost ALL the sativas and missed the B.Dream...but next time I’ll get that one.

  • Just curious, why can't you heat the syringe with a lighter then transfer to cart? I've read a lot of comments about not doing that but don't understand why.

    Thanks if someone has the reason

  • Distillate is delicate. If you heat it too much, the medicine will begin to break down, so you lose potency. A gradual warming is best.

  • if you heat it easy then no problem OR warmup with your hand

  • Hello are the new Killa Bees Vapes potent ? Thank you !

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