Is all pure THC the same potency?

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I understand a strain with 25% THC will be more potent than one with 17-18%. But if you're buying pure THC just for the potency does it matter what strain it comes from? In other words are there varying degrees of quality to THC? MM advertises diamonds as pure THC. But he also mentions the strain it's from. That may be necessary for those interested for medicinal purposes but from strictly a potency standpoint are diamonds from one strain just as potent as diamonds from another?


  • The strain names are describing the terp sauce, not the strain. Diamonds are pure THC, but lack flavor without terps

  • Yeah isolated THC is consistent across all strains regardless of profile. Keep in mind the terp sauce adds to the overall weight. I’ve mashed up Diamonds with tasty live resin, custom blending is the way to go 👍

  • Ive been wandering about the Diamonds - can you vape them straight like you would something like wax or are they supposed to be added like a spice and burned with fire?

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    I just top nugz with diamonds to get them funky, in a glass bowl. I’d say dabs would work best though since these tend to have a pretty quick melt and will run on you. Dunno if a vape would be good but a donut coil would probably do the trick too. Might even work in a blunt but again, fast melt.

  • Thanks guys.

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