I usually get a half gram joint in my packages, but this time I got a gummy. I looked at the products to try to find the THC content, but I can’t confidently identify this gummy. I have a 50 mg tolerance to edibles. Anybody have any experience with this gummy? Or maybe Medboy will chime in and tell me how much of a dose this gummy is before I eat it so I have an idea of how high I will get from it. Thanks!


  • I just talked to M B about something like this . we get samples and yet we don't know what they stain is because they're not marked . Or we get sample edibles and we dont know the THC Level So we don't know how to split them up and use them? So what's the purpose of giving a sample if you don't know what it is or how to use it. It's pointless I received a free joint the other day and I really like it but don't have a clue as to what it is as it's not marked I sent Email to medicine Man to find out if the supplier can inform them to what it is and the supplier came back saying they don't know what it is? How is that even possible to not know what you're sending out in an order? Makes me wonder when I get a regular order what am I getting ? Im i my getting what I'm buying or getting something else because I have to say a lot of the times when I get it it doesn't look like picture or the description.

  • I have had many frustrating conversations with the shipper, trying to understand why it's so hard to label everything that goes in the box. To me, that's just basic. They promise me they're working on educating their staff to do this every time.

    If you describe the edible for me, I can maybe help you identify it.

  • The few orders I received, all were labeled. Even the free ones.

  • I love this whole idea of edibles. I never felt anything before so I tried the samples...100mg total so I took em ALL. Ill see what happens this time. Should REALLY enjoy this.
    Thanx so much! I love everything about this dispensary!

  • If these are as good as they may be to ME...I’m ordering a whole bunch of them.

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