Discount Smalls: What's your take on options?

So what's your take on these options?

Discount Smalls
These are little nugs, typically bottom of the bag, but plenty potent. We currently have Pure OG, Tropicana, Silver Haze, Artic, Sour Diesel, Orange Soda and Bubba Kush. Feel free to state your preference in the comments section but we will substitute when we run out of a strain (in other words don't say no subs on this one!). Note that the pic is the OG and other strains will look different.

Interesting that Dream Queen disappeared already. It was in the description last night.

Anyway, here's mine:

Tropicana: It's good. A lot of similarities with Mimosa. A citrusy sativa hybrid unlikely to provoke sativa anxiety. MedMama stocked this as an outdoor product about a month ago, suggesting it's the same stuff I got. Recommended.

Silver Haze: This is the one I'm excited to try. Fingers crossed.

Sour Diesel: I've had two batches from MedMama recently--one good, one lousy. Hard pass.

Bubba Kush: Highly recommended.

Pure OG: That's my substitution, if necessary. @TheProfessor wrote that it's a heavy hitter. Tell me if I got that wrong, my friend...

Artic, Orange Soda: Might place an order just to try one or both, if they last. I do not remember Orange Soda ever being on MedMama's menu. That flags it in my mind as interesting and worth trying--it could be terrible or the next Mother's Milk. Who knows?



  • For those of you who don't know, MedMama carried a strain called Mother's's the Toots and the Maytals of weed...absolutely as good as Bob Marley and yet no one talks about it.

  • Your brain on Mother's Milk:

  • Hey @georgetirebiter ...what great selection of "smalls." I'd limit myself to the Bubba Kush and the Pure OG due to anxiety concerns. I still have few grams of the last batch of Pure OG smalls for when I really need to's that good. Stronger than the Bubba, Skywalker OG, Purple Urkle, and Grape Ape. GT, Pure OG is really the only strain that hit us like that 5th Element.

  • @TheProfessor I bought a Q of it a few weeks back when it was up. Hits strong AF, very deep sleep indeed! I reordered another Q its that good and I have bubba as my in case susbstitution. @georgetirebiter sorry to steer away from this topic for a quick moment but did loud create a shipping label for your recent order with them? I still havnt got one made and I ordered sunday.

  • @maryjanelover11, no movement on the ID front, at least with respect to Loud/MM. This is typical, though. If it's not in there tomorrow morning, I'll start to wonder. I suspect they have their reasons.

    Note that I was wrong about Dream Queen--it was in the strain list, not the Smalls option list. I regret the error...

    Yes, that's what I thought you said, @TheProfessor. I don't often smoke pure or nearly pure indicas, but when I do I want them to knock me on my ass! Sounds like a perfect choice. Might have to reorder to ensure I get some!

  • @maryjanelover11 yes it does! Some of the hardest hitting bud I've ever had. However, we ordered 2oz of the Donkey Butter (kicks Ass!) last night before it disappeared. I don't remember even seeing it on the menu this morning. Still considering another z of Pure smalls...but I'm still holding some Pure from the last batch, along with a couple of other heavy hitting I continue to contemplate. @georgetirebiter I don't think you can go wrong with the Pure. A little goes a long way and you just can't beat the price.

  • @TheProfessor For the price the smalls cant be beat. Its pretty much the og kush in smaller nugs for 70$ a q which is a great price. The stuff is FIRE a real heavy hitter indeed. Put me in coma sleep over and over. When my other orders come in and if there is any smalls left im getting a half ounce

  • @georgetirebiter yeah im starting to worry. Im wondering if its the protests

  • @maryjanelover11 and now there's more indoor and outdoor selections! Past experiences here with Skywalker OG, OG, Bubba, and Tahoe OG have shown them all to be serious indica heavy hitters.

  • @maryjanelover11
    If I may ask... Why are you waiting for your other orders? I ask because I have 2 pending, but not wanting to miss out on some discount smalls!

  • Ordering smalls from Medmama is always worth it. Order a full mix, don't be picky, just enjoy discount greenhouse and premium weed.

    Anybody wanna loan me some money?

  • my opinion is imma order that sour d real quick lol prob is all fire shit

  • @Mnpd Based on my ID I am holding back just in case there is a problem with delivery. Loud never takes this long to create a shipping label. I ordered sunday and They still haven't created a label so I am going to wait just in case. If you have 2 orders pending and you feel comfortable ordering more in the meanwhile you can do that but Im too paranoid for that. Gotta make sure orders are still flowing smoothly before I order more. Medmama seems to be flowing well like usual. I ordered on June 4th got my weed from them on june 8th. I live all the way on the east coast. I made another order for them today (pure og smalls) and they already have my shipping label created as of right now. Only a few hours later.

  • edited June 2020

    @maryjanelover11, I would give it until tomorrow to start worrying. (I will say the same tomorrow!)

    Just think about all we don't know with respect to the reality of shipping cannabis in a time of riots and COVID-19. I suspect that the dropoff to the Post Office involves many, many boxes and it's a very sensitive (risky) time. You just don't do that if there's any chance it could go wrong. There's the money aspect but also the prospect of federal prison and not watching your kids grow up.

    That's my take on it. It helps me to not worry. They're being safe, for them and for us. Breathe.

  • @georgetirebiter So you don't have a label made either still ? @Theboyua said it could be a glitch but i doubt it with a lot of us experiencing the same thing. Plus my Id has always worked and I made an order with medmama today and they already made a label

  • By the way I should add, I just checked my ID again, still nothing from loud but medmama has even sent the package out and its already moving... expected delivery is the 13th for goodness sake. The shipping label was made on the 10th....

  • @maryjanelover11 For the price the smalls cant be beat.

    I don't understand. The price for an 8th of smalls is the same as the others. Only a tiny diff in the price of a half or Z compared to others.

  • @BuddyBoy I agree its crazy. As soon as my medmama order comes in I will probably make my biggest order from this site. Originally I planned for it to be from both shippers at the same time. Something i never done before (i always choose one or the other) but loudnco still hasnt created a shipping label for my order that I made on the 7th (sunday) so im too worried to make an order from them till it arrives or at least gets shipped. I guess its Medmamas benefit. Those smalls are priced perfectly and the best part is ive had them before and its FIIIIRE KUSH. Like fire. So im happy af. Big thanks to @medmama

  • @BuddyBoy Yeah but in my opinion the level of bud is super high. They could easily charge 60/65 an 8th. Thats why the price cant be beat. Because the weed is such a good quality for the price... Its small nugs but in my opinion (from last times experience) its the same as big nugs, maybe even better.

  • @maryjanelover11
    Knowing what they're capable of doing for you makes a difference.
    This is all a new batch though isn't it?
    I notice Mama has a bunch of new ones.
    Before it looked like all she had was cbd buds.

    Is her stuff pretty consistent?
    I notice some people saying that trying strains from a new batch is a crap shoot, but it seems mostly from loud. All the shipping issues seem to be a loud prob as well.

    I have the same thing in mind about my next shipment. I'm waiting for my very first order here. It's from mama. Ya can always trust mama. :smiley: it seems.
    I ordered and it was confirmed on Saturday. For some reason I have a good feeling it's coming today. Gonna check my mailbox in an hour.

    Being my first order, I've obviously been extremely anxious.
    Not just buying, but shipping too.
    My state is as strict as they comes, when it comes to that.
    Once it arrives I intend to order a nice supply.
    I have a few concentrates i'm pondering on. Are her concentrates good? Consistent?

    Have you tried the keif?
    Now THAT sounds like a hella good deal.
    Same price as bud, but way way stronger.
    I bet keif is perfect for 'baked' goods and vaporizes well too.

    I'm also looking at the vap refills.
    I'm hoping to get advice on what's good. Hopefully all the concentrates are good. Seeing that they are concentrated, I would think they're all good. It's nice to make an informed decision, though.

  • @BuddyBoy in terms of concentrates I cant really help with that because I just recently had my first shatter experience from medamam. She sent me a freebie of shatter. It was amazing. I could taste the weed so well. Got FRIED. When your package comes you will be so happy. This sight is awesome. In terms of medmama shipping its always been fast for me. She usually has good and great strains up but both shippers occasionally go dry for a little while. I did try the keif btw. It was amazing. Almost hash like. Packed tightly it was really good, great taste. If you have more questions make a post of your own and ask and others who have more experience will let you know. Happy smoking !

  • @maryjanelover11
    You say you can't help, yet you did. I now know the keif is good. Do you know what kind of shatter you tried?
    That's what I'm waiting for in my first order. One of the shatters and a free candy.

    I will post a question. Thanks for your help and happy smoking to you too
    . :smiley:

  • I had 4 grams of the SFK shatter and it was good @BuddyBoy . Next time I try another concentrate will probably be one of louds premium shatters to see how they compare to the standard.

  • @BuddyBoy I had forgotten the shatter it was 3 letters but @nefgreen saved the day. It was that SFk. got a freebie (.25g) got at least 5-6 hits out of it and each one got me fried af.

  • @maryjanelover11
    Satisfied off one hit? Wow.
    I gotta wipe some drool off my shirt.
    Did you put it all in your rig at once or break it up?
    I've been reading various toys instructions.
    They say to put in a piece the size of a grain of rice and one review, the guy said HALF a grain of rice.
    That blows my mind to pieces.
    I'm used to smokin a fatty to get where I wanna go.
    Then a few tokes here and there as the day goes on.
    To think i can get annihilated on something the size most people would brush away from the table after rolling a joint is hard to comprehend.

  • @BuddyBoy Diamonds are the same way! If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend them! Diamonds are pure thca. They're a result of diamond mining, a term for separating crystalline thca crystals from terp sauce. So they are flavorful, but very potent!

    In my dugout I have a combo of MAC, DJ blueberry, strawberry dream, blue dream, c99, and mimosa diamonds. My dugout bat has about a 1/4" bowl, which equates to about 2 or 3 good rips. It was pretty stong before I added the diamonds, but if I get one in the bowl, I'm questioning reality lmao!

  • @BuddyBoy well I should add that I topped it on top of a green bowl (the one). I smoked it out of a bong and hit it with a lighter. Got me fried

  • @BuddyBoy its true btw... Actually you got me thinking. Its probably better for health too. All it took was a small little drop of the shatter and i was fried each time. I did pack it on top of herb but I got way higher than usual. I am going to consider switching to diamonds for a while or shatter

  • @Jdtokes @maryjanelover11
    I looked up the dugout. Pretty nice.
    I like wooden pipes.
    Being wood, the bowl area has a limited lifespan, but their not expensive and by then it's time to get something new anyway.

    When I was in the phys rehab place, my kid brother drove up from CO once with some goodies. He brought some gummies and a battery with some small cartridges.
    I've never been so stoned in my life.

    I'm not sure if the stash lasted 3 or 4 days. I could barely use a fork, let alone sit up to eat. Lucky for hospital beds.
    I seriously felt quadriplegic.
    Couldn't feel my own body.
    At oxy time, i'd tongue/cheek it and save em for another day. Didn't feel withdrawal symptoms one bit.
    Both a nurse and CNA each asked me if I was OK cuz all I did was sleep. :smiley:

    2 of the cartridges didn't work.
    I unscrewed the caps and got as much as I could to drip in a good one. The rest I dug out with a toothpick and licked it. :smiley:

    I'm definitely gonna try a couple grams of the vape refills. Probably vape one and for the other one, I bought some gummy bear molds. The ones mama has say 88% THC

    And I definitely want to try wax and especially diamonds. By the looks of the pics, I could load and do diamonds individually.
    Going by price, if the shatter's that good, imagine the bite from diamonds. Like a big dog!!

  • @maryjanelover11 Be careful with the full switch to shatter. In my experience it gets your THC tolerance so high that you don’t enjoy flowers much, that’s how it was for me anyway. I went straight back to flower only. Of course you may have more willpower than I do, if I have them around I do it. Instead of saving the concentrates for special occasions.

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