Cinderella 99

The description for Cinderella 99 got me interested in trying some, and it just came in today. I ordered the flower in a pre-roll joint.

The smell is awesome, I think I got half a buzz just taking a big wiff from the bag.

I like this one. It is a sativa dominant strain, but it seems to have just enough indica in it to keep your feet on the ground. After only just a couple of tokes and I could feel it lifting me up, relieving me of my depression and putting me in a good mood again. A couple more hits, and I was ready to get up and do stuff. I didn't hurt, and was energized.

I decided to do some research and after a couple of hours I went back and finished off the first joint. (0.5g.)

Yeah, now THAT is a buzz. :-)

I think you wont go wrong by getting some of this. It is working for me by easing my chronic pain, depression, and sluggishness. And also no munchie attacks either, which is good too since I need to lose 50 pounds as well.

Thanks MedicineMan and Loud&Co.

on a side note I ordered this Thursday evening late and it made it to me today, Monday. That has been the fastest turn around time yet for me.


  • Update - I haven't been stoned for a long time. That is for the younger folk. However, smoking a 0.5g joint (less 4 hits) of Cinderella 99 got me stoned.

    I was up till 3 this morning, my mind wouldn't shut down. :-D

    This is a potent sativa dominate strain, I tell you what. It isn't one to use just before bedtime. The relief it brings is worth the caffeine-like effect though.

  • Awesome feedback, thanks!

  • One of my favorite strains to purchase from MM when available! Nice on!

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