Hope this is Seriously REAL

So u ship to alabama?? I will be shocked to see it arrive!! I ordered twice last week once on cannashop and once with some other scam artist. Thet are something serious. So if I order im not going to recieve a email saying my shit is jammed up at some post office or airport and I have to pay some ridiculous amount of money on bitcoin to have the package stamped so it won't be searched. Of course if it does im fucked. But tgere never was a package. I didn't fall that stupid hard. I lost $1100 tho. I am more than sick. God I pray u are for real but I get a butterfly in my stomach thinking u are. I got to give u a try atleast on the $5 gram. Thanks . Do y'all sale like large weight. Half pound or more maybe?? I seen some of ur site but not all yet im still reading and investigating and being thrilled at what I read about M.M.


  • Welcome to Medicineman and sorry you got scammed! Yes I recommend you start with the sample gram. When the package arrives, prepare to be shocked.

    No, we don't move weight. 4 oz is the largest order we're willing to ship.

    Please let me know if you have other questions!

  • Ok thank u so much M.M. I have 1 more question. I did a order for sample 8th. I've opened a account on bitcoin and robinhood app. Both apps won't let me purchase and send litecoin immediately. It says it can take up to 10 days for the deposit im making to clear. Does it do this always?? Is there any type of other option I may have?? Have u heard of Moneypak for greendot prepaid cards?? A reloable temp card with 16 digits that u can load almost to any visa debit catd

  • Typically, exchanges will only make you go through that kind of delay once, on the first transaction. That's so they can verify your ID. After that, trades are usually conducted within hours, if not minutes.

  • If you're using an ACH bank transfer (ie connecting your bank) to the app, then those purchases can take up to 21 days (found out the hard way). If you link up a debit card, its usually instant after the first purchase

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