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  • I know it’s hard, but patience yall🤦🏻
  • Nate got pieced up the whole fight but the last round! He had Leon hurt and wants to taunt instead of finish. Izzy was a dick too! Grabbing his nuts and his eye. Hope he gets a nut shot and 3 fingers to his face! Moreno is a lil animal!
  • I would if it came from here😂
    in MDMA Comment by WDEgkj May 27
  • I’m trying to spend like 400. Splitting with a friend and I can’t do it. Don’t understand
  • @TreesPlz and @Vapedad78 ive been using them over a year. I’ve tried 20 times and it will not work with any address. Can’t even send BTC to my other Crypto.com. The Next button you’re talking about will not light up when u put the address in. I’ve d…
  • I don’t see that option. There’s 1 for note or some shit. I knew the minimum but this was like $400 worth of stuff I was splitting with a friend. I’m highly pissed lol! Thanks for the advice y’all. I’ve tried at least 10 times and I can’t get it to …
  • @Kellybelly99 i ordered $10 more and it would not send to the 5 addresses I entered. It wouldn’t give the option to hit next
  • I’m having trouble sending to the address with cashapp. I’ve tried 5 diff ones and not getting the option to send
  • @Jdtokes i just gave a friend half q of the flying saucers. Ppl said they wasn’t that great but I ate 3g and got ripped. He ain’t tripped in 20yrs so I hope he gets thrown lol!
    in Trip Report Comment by WDEgkj April 29
  • @Jdtokes yeah that shit sucks when ur tripping and ppl that are not pop up, especially the family. I lock my doors and I’m not opening it for shit lol
    in Trip Report Comment by WDEgkj April 13
  • @Bruno i said the same thing til I done em alone. Nothing will go wrong man. It’s very spiritual. I was laughing and crying at the same time on Christmas. I been eating em a lot and only done em with a friend once and that was the first time I got e…
    in Trip Report Comment by WDEgkj April 10
  • I had some greenhouse a while back and it was fire. I ordered some of the indoor cuz I know it will be good
    in Jack Herer Comment by WDEgkj April 9
  • Damn! I got family that lives in Good Hope and goes to school there😂didn’t know Bama was in here like this
    in Obama Runtz.! Comment by WDEgkj April 9
  • If u ate Jimsom seeds, that’s prob the bad trip😂
  • I’ve not tried the flying saucers yet but the GT, PE, and TM are fire. The teachers lasted longer than any of em to me. @Kayla thats what they are posed to do. Open your mind lol! I would eat 3g a day if I could
    in SHROOMS Comment by WDEgkj February 22
  • @georgetirebiter my tolerance is not that high. I been eating between 2g every week for a while. First time, I ate close to 5g of the TM and was twisted and went down to 2g and still got pretty twisted but these B+ is like something u would put on a…
    in SHROOMS Comment by WDEgkj February 21
  • I ate 4g at exactly 530 and feel nothing. I ate 2g of the GT and TJ several times and tripped pretty hard. Highly disappointed and after reading about the FS, I shoulda stuck to what I know
    in SHROOMS Comment by WDEgkj February 21
  • War Eagle 🙄
    in Alabama Comment by WDEgkj February 20
  • Man! I wish I woulda read before I ordered the B+. Got em today with the FS. So basically I’m gonna have to eat the whole Q to feel anything
    in SHROOMS Comment by WDEgkj February 20
  • Holy shit y’all! I ate 3.5 last night by myself and it was epic! Omg
  • I’m a little behind and I hope some1 can comment before I eat these lol. I’ve had the Taj with a friend and we took close to 5g. Super intense. I’m bout to try the Teachers and @georgetirebiter, 3g should be good since I’m doing it by myself?! I’m s…
  • @mpou10 i didn’t. I wasn’t gonna eat any today. My ID says expected delivery today by 8pm but under it, it says in transit. Arriving late. My ID never worked til a month ago. I hope they didn’t put them in another mailbox at my apts. idk? I do know …
  • Mines posed to be here today and may already be in my mailbox. I don’t know if she’s ran but I’m ready to go back down the rabbit hole. Today is the 8th day and the longest I’ve ever waited on a package but my ID says arrival today. I’m not gonna ea…
  • @mpou10 i hope they split my half O up. So u tried the Taj and u could tell the diff between the 2?
  • Shit man, just go all in and eat 4g and enjoy the ride😂
  • @v32Finish yes. U can tell when they are bout to hit. They done my friend kinda diff but me, wow lol! I was up down up down for a solid 4hrs! It was just like I was rolling but better.
  • @v32Finish im trying to split a half O and he emailed me and said that’s up to them. I said it on another thread but I got the Taj because I really felt like I done some damn good mdma. I wanna try the GT but we will see what happens when they get h…
  • I tried to split half O. He told me they may or may not. I ordered the Taj again because I know they’re good. I hope they split em so I can try the GT
  • I got a friend that orders from a website and he loves em. I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard they’re pretty good.
  • It’s the shrooms and same seller. I’ve seen where they have done it for bud but was wanting to know if it applied for those. Thanks!