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  • I know, im still stuck on pre shipment, tomorrow makes the 8th day
  • I used delta 8 for a month while I was taking a break from delta 9. Its good stuff man, ive had the carts and the distillate. I now get some locally when I run out of bud lol. Its the i cant believe its not butter of weed
  • Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I tried Cash app first along with some other bitcoin apps and it wouldn't verify my identity.. Edge was the only one I could get to work, maybe I'll try Cash app again later on and see if it works for me.. @Rubygirl8…
  • Everything is good, it went through guys! I guess the blockchain was a little congested... thank you for all the comments!
  • I am using Edge @Rubygirl816
  • No my first payment was 11 days ago lol and it went through fine within 10 minutes but that was a way lower amount. Last night I ordered a half o and my payment on my bitcoin app is still pending, so it hasnt sent to their wallet address yet. @Rubyg…
  • I read somewhere that it could take up to a couple days to send bitcoin?? @BMan
  • I payed them but my transaction is still pending and I sent it in last night. I payed 140 and some odd change, but the first time I just got the 5 dollar gram. Is that why it might be taking longer to process?
  • No sir, thats the worst one @Bman
  • 4:20 pm btw sorry