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  • It looks like finally started and hopefully today be good day, thanks for response I'd forgotten bout holiday being in there but looking forward to checking stuff out
  • You can get fentanyl testing kits just to be on sale side
  • Requested Monday and last couple requested already been here by now but this time showing still just label so hopefully it gets here soon
  • @Mr4Sher how did you end up liking that and trying to see how much difference between the discount organic rso vs regular rso listed if anyone has any input
  • Shout out to @HappyTrees think first requested Thur and had in hand by Monday which is new fastest turnaround and didn't even have to ever email medboy and still had reship of some very nice quality kush mint show up in just a few days to make up fo…
  • Oh yeah absolutely, this was not that though
  • Mean unless they let you try it in store still not gonna know how well works for each individual till get home and try
  • That stinks which did you get, I enjoyed the ultra premium and felt ticket was pretty fair although believe liked the trop juice a little better
    in Gary Payton Comment by Vapedad78 May 25
  • Oh ok that's some excellent customer service and greatly appreciate i was bummed when missed that batch everyone was crazy over so tried make sure didn't miss out twice. Stand up move @HappyTrees hats good looking out
  • Right figures I was looking all forward to it after all those great reviews but definitely under whelmed when smell extremely light compared to those and lack of vibrant colors used to from indoor quality stuff but already bought and paid so guess s…
  • Yeah those gron don't exactly knock you on your ass but I was tryna make last since only had one and use to supplement meds and combat chronic pain and mental health so taking 1 piece a day if, but all the other stuff I've tried been potent although…
  • Has anyone that got ethos first time round gotten it this time? Just curious on thoughts. Quickness was ridiculously fast at 2 or 3 tops I think and bonus freebies always appreciated
  • Just got newest batch of ethos apex and looks were disappointing after everyone was raving soo much last time was on menu but effects seemed decent. Since also tried a little Runtz at some time I'll have to try each alone to compare, but Runtz looke…
  • Had try try the ethos apex after all the high compliments was given last time and Runtz sounded very good so waiting to sample both with fingers crossed
  • Damn half one has me feeling decent a whole one especially if not taking daily usually hits me pretty hard and don't always feel need to supplement with flower or something else, so pretty thankful not missing that enzyme or anything, good look in y…
  • @TheProfessor yeah that blueberry muffin and triple chocolate chip momma had couple 3 years back would be great love to snag either, knew should tried some the white truffle but both the UP trop juice and UP Gary Payton are both extremely nice strai…
  • @ChunksEggo8187 yes the chocolate covered strawberries was nice no complaints and @907ak420 concur bout the UP trop juice really been digging just couple rips got me floating for hours but still able to get stuff done somehow lol
  • The up trop juice and gp are both fire but loving the trop juice especially
  • Yeah I need a portable vape and been contemplating between dynavap, pax or arizer. Currently have arizer eq desk top and love it but the top hat screens get clogged and need swapped or cleaned but like being able to choose either balloon or whip to …
  • That the truth sounded good almost went with that and carbonfiber or whatever was called but went ultra gp and trop juice still waiting hoping for surprise today
  • Oh shit damn I hate to hear that, he always was so nice and full of info, will spark one in the name of later on for sure rip @MNTDWLER it's been a pleasure last few years
  • Yeah that was strange but finally got one to go through thankfully
    in INF ? Comment by Vapedad78 April 25
  • Finally got my loud from 4th that had to be reshipped and reship showed fairly quickly and items are very pretty and very nice effect wise from tiny sample tried earlier in day bout to really test both little further
  • That sucks best of luck to everyone, still waiting on one from the 4th got reshipped and w Supposed to touched down Fri or sat bout hadn't made it yet and now got one from loud and Merl each from 20th praying for smoother reception
  • This is longest I've had one take in quite a while but least know it's in route now so sooner or later good luck to everyone
  • Nice @JustDom big fan of theaterical flicks myself and some shows but any form, did have pretty good collection of DVDs and blue rays including some 3d versions but any form works for me do appreciate the collecting of physical items tho and avid va…
  • Figured but one the sales ran long and with this having issues was just hoping but totally understand thank you
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  • Well lemme know please if get a sec @medboy had one more thing was gonna try get before sales over but still getting error
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  • Dang that one hub switching from twice a week to only once weekly must be really bottle necking things
  • Is sale over tried putting in again but getting bad zip or discount code now
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