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  • White widow and white rhino but also triple chocolate chip and blueberry muffin been some my favorite besides platinum kush or some platinum variant had me in a different universe thinking house was haunted lol
  • I been wanting a dynavape just haven't gotten round to it, been using an arizer eq since round beginning of lock down
  • It's also really good and very pretty stuff, the UP version is more of a sleeper than merls and possibly leans more sat than indie but can't go wrong with either honestly
  • Dang confirmation taking its time today lol I get it market is pumping like crazy and I did standard cause cheap and not tryna pay for faster submission on blockchain today anyways just crazy going on 6 hours but should be finalized at some point to…
  • That's why I was asking bout it lighting up wasn't sure if was actually turned on and heard bout people having similar issue somewhere else
  • I took it as such was just saying because for some it is used as daily medicine in place of what pharmaceutical prescribed . It's a forum and we're just having conversation
  • Probably should said exponentially healthier possibly more effective alternatives
  • I'm sure they're are fuckers getting ships of fenty in from dark web but thankfully some out here promoting healing medicine vs that shit and big pharma agenda
  • They were delivering some though on my street anyways
  • Welp both things made it to area over weekend so expected would see today and seen truck drive down street and even though was here in plenty time guess since says expected by tomorrow, they're in no rush and waiting til tomorrow to complete both mi…
  • Stone 420 knows what's up I'd love some indoor or higher teir flower in that same strain as well or strain specific edibles
  • Probably something not working right, did it light up or blink at all?
  • The whole team killing it and I'd seen that trust pilot site forever ago but my buddy pointed me in this direction and obviously trusted him more than those reviews although I haven't checked back in couple years at least I'd say has to be haters an…
  • Yeah I could see that and concur with the garden hose you end up getting way bigger hit than planned by time that golf ball smacks you in the face as well🤣 @Southernbellesmoker
  • @TheProfessor oh I'm sure it does 😬 the experience line took me out lol
  • This newest batch from Merl is definitely top notch and heavy hitting but doesn't quite have the immediate knock out power as that 1st and 2nd batch or my tolerance to it increased but still amazing for the ticket. Currently waiting on a zip of each…
  • Little sample size pack for premium price I'm guessing at a 10th
  • Little sample size pack for premium price I'm guessing at a 10th
  • Up pm zip from loud finally started moving after a week but request from 8th and 11th both now showing 20th but they'll show eventually just 99% probably not getting pulled out mm ass today unfortunately by the looks, which is some unfortunate phras…
  • I've had that with other brands where one or 2 would work fine and another of same brand barely worked or died quick but haven't tried one with the heat up button
  • Merl's made it to origin for departure finally still no word bout louds from few days previous to that but fingers crossed mm pulls it out his ass tomorrow 🤣
  • That's crazy idk how or why it does that cause I'm sitting here waiting since last Thursday but hadn't shown movement at all I know doesn't mean it isn't but still kicks up anxiety when left wondering bout it and ordered from Merl since they showed …
  • I order 8th as well and also haven't seen any movement just label but put in 11th with Merl as well just in case and necessity, however I've almost exclusively gotten exactly what I requested besides maybe 1 or 2 times with also ridiculous number of…
  • ID pulling its usual nonsense hopefully things moving behind scenes but hopefully everyone's request are moving smoothly and everyone enjoys their v day today
  • Very much enjoyed moon boots, one and only time was able to snag any
  • Anyone try louds ultra premium permanent marker yet? Meant to get request in last night but couldn't decide and by time got round to it had missed opportunity but was gonna try louds UPPM regardless just out of curiosity but also for science and …
  • That's nuts and they're lucky didn't take longer than it did way things been. Good luck anybody waiting on anything but these guys here always come thru and they say patience is a virtue
  • Yeah they been crazy stuff goes Mia for days but they always deliver. Appreciate the hell out yall @medboy good looking out and everything is excellent truly grateful to been pointed in yalls direction for sure.
  • Guess meant issue instead of option and yes I'd like to do similar just got a black thumb lol
  • Yeah I bet