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  • Dang that stinks hope gets to ya sooner than later but the team will definitely make sure it gets to ya
  • Definitely content with premium slurricane that touchdown@destination sure you'll be happy can't comment on the bg unfortunately
  • I am pondering over putting in another request in with them in the very near future though flower's were purity
  • Ordered couple weeks ago and once it finally showed activity it was pretty quick but took bout a week to get to that point
  • @funkynugz like the taste and appearance on zhits just underwhelmed or maybe just slightly more on milder side effect wise than I was expecting but definitely decent meds just more of a day time possibly than was looking for
  • @Beach57 thought the Zhits definitely sweet tasting and nice looking stuff just slightly milder effects that was hoping or expecting but still quality meds waiting on Apple Mintz now
  • Glad yall enjoying and appreciate the info definitely looking forward to checking out appreciate it @TheProfessor
  • Oh damn I overlooked that, really enjoyed the hk wax or diamonds forgot which but either Ma or loud had was really good but had to snag Georgia pie before gone again and try the 🍎 Mintz been hearing good things bout, that looks dense asf and definit…
  • Had to try the apple Mintz and split with biscotti mints but looking forward to checking out that am
  • My halfy look to be mostly slightly smaller and darker in color than @funkynugz but also a month to 2 months later could explain bottom of bag and whatnot but definitely covered in keif and pungent and from little I've tasted and tested no qualms on…
  • Touchdown yesterday and greatly appreciated twas some stupendous timing and quality care package overall appreciate all yall do and the fact yall still killing it thru the adversity
  • @Bobn218 requested early morning the 3rd and updated hoping for touchdown today 🤞
  • @TheProfessor yup that's it sorry had a brain fart , only had cart form but that shit had me wondering if my house was haunted and laughing my ass off lol
  • Love me Frankie and the master is very nice as well, would love some platinum or something to that effect only came cross once in a cart but shit knocked me on my azzz
  • Mighta hit they're daily limit but that's why having 3 options is a wonderful thing can check out other vendors which all 3 teams seem to be bringing the heat lately
  • Definitely working on trying to be more patient as some things are out of everyone's hands and control and appreciate the effort the entire team puts forth to ensure touchdowns happen. Westside in our thoughts and fingers crossed LA river looked pre…
  • They threw fit over me trying to carry water through tsa checkpoint but didn't care bout vapes or gummies in carry-on🤷‍♂️
  • @Southernbellesmoker understandable they usually bring the fire and last couple times snagged something from them were the quickest times I'd gotten anything especially from that are of world so didn't really hesitate this time but did figure with…
  • Hoping everyone on coast is safe and hanging in and praying stuff didn't get washed away lol tomorrow be a week since putting in request and still saying label created waiting item so starting get a Lil antsy even though know it'll eventually show o…
  • Put in a request with them 8am on the 3rd still saying waiting on item like it hasn't actually been shipped yet just label made usually by now nearly a week later it should definitely started showing some movement I would have thought or least hoped…
  • Hoping their hub and area is cleaned up and going better for them, I always really like loud products especially 🌼 so put in to finally try Mr nasty tue morning so fingers crossed by Monday or tue will be right at a week but usually see least a lab…
  • You screw that bottom part off that put it on a battery and the whole things glass just vape like normal cart
  • Well ended up finally putting in request for some miss Jackson if your nasty but asked for split with modified mints and then seen was off menu shortly after so we'll see what shows up fingers crossed their hub is clearing up thought I'd read mighta…
  • Plenty liquid as delivery system definitely tends to dehydrate and definitely welcomed @MigraineWarrior79
  • I use my arizer eq at 385-395 most the time
  • I get fake coinbase emails constantly but don't think recall that particular one
  • Merry Xmas and happy holidays , hope everyone had a great day, some edibles helped melt the stress away lol
  • Very purty definitely regret not pulling the trigger one of the multiple times had a finger on it poised to go
  • The team always comes through and delivers the goods, haven't had a chance to open and inspect either but skipped a couple hubs and went straight up out for delivery this morn. Excited to check things out when get the opportunity. Happy holiday and …
  • Good luck and good wishes @Mr4Sher sorry to hear that