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  • Maybe tomorrow still in transit swear think they lose em under seats or prop doors open just to need with people
  • @ChunksEggo8187 lmao I hear that, it's crazy something will start off like a 🚀 moving at record pace just to stall out "off radar" somewhere and end to taking twice as long if it hadn't fallen between cracks🤦🤷🤣 oh well I know it'll show eventually j…
  • Well fingers crossed shows today but still in transit to next facility at moment put in request early morn 24th and was moving next day so figured should been here
  • Thought might see mine today but hopefully tomorrow it seemed to stall definitely excited to try now
  • Condolences cancer sucks, nice job humanizing your partner btw well done
  • Hell yeah sounds awesome can't wait
  • Like my terps personally but diamonds as a topper is definitely a nice turbo boost
  • Great snl skit
  • I really enjoyed the apples and banana, only got bout a bowl pack left unfortunately
    in Baby yoda Comment by Vapedad78 March 26
  • I get it though cause if making multiple orders in a month or close together then it goes from 5-20 a month up to 10-40 so does add up but it is what it is and with prices getting trimmed really isn't that bad especially if get your crypto on the di…
  • Think I've only had 🍇 🦧 in cart or concentrate form best I can recall so looking forward to checking out, but multiple were calling my attention just tryna budget for 4twinny
  • @superman38NC that's what I requested for split as well
  • Giving it a go, does look nice in pic and always down for great quality at a great price
  • Ahhh I didn't see it was called bubble bath gotcha duh didn't read the title nearly well enough lol
  • Economy and state of crypto market got shit more stagnant and slow than could or should be as well
  • Is it called Merlin? And is it already sold off menu didn't see on order form
  • Also would like that option multi pack discount preferably but know don't always get what ya want
    in Slurp Comment by Vapedad78 March 20
  • Yeah I like the indica or hybrid for chronic pain cause you're right the chronic pain and sciatic are a bitch especially when flaring up, but been trying sativa stuff for daytime and my adhd which I will say had a productive day without much pain an…
    in Edibles Comment by Vapedad78 March 17
  • It's decent but I liked Merlin regular 500mg bars better like one piece vs one piece the toaster coconut or hazy hazel nut seemed more potent but gonna try the other chocolates and cookie next but I liked the option if only wanting to get a single b…
    in Edibles Comment by Vapedad78 March 17
  • @Trippy hell yeah sounds like a winner to me lol I also chronic sciatica and severe lower back pain and to me it's hard to beat a good edible for medicine so I'll probably have try snag some, had 2 pieces of gron sativa and it's working far better t…
    in Edibles Comment by Vapedad78 March 17
  • Well congrats to whomever nice score man I was hoping one my 3 entries would hit but luck of the draw
  • Well least had a nice treat to come home to, looking forward to your thoughts been eyeing em. I tried just a square of gron sativa chocolate tonight, so far hasn't hit as hard as Merlin regular chocolate or any the others but decent feeling for 10mg…
    in Edibles Comment by Vapedad78 March 16
  • Crazy already got first half of request from stuff put in for the 7th but second half saying just got picked up tonight so we'll see
  • Yeah ID is all messed up atm got one thing from happy came in timely fashion but something else from that order still showing just label and another from happy from Thursday still just at label but Nutting showing movement till ends up at destinatio…
  • Interesting so wonder where that concept came from still might try in the name science tho mean mangos @Trippy did you ever get to try the keef cookies?
    in Edibles Comment by Vapedad78 March 10
  • Was hoping I might see something today but thankfully tried stay head of things this time do will definitely make it thru weekend if doesn't hit tomorrow but would make for a more exciting weekend for sure lol @Mr4Sher what flavor you get and I jus…
  • That's really to hear @MikeyC good looking out
  • Well definitely steered from usual this month , waiting on syrup which I'm excited to try but also gonna try the crispy and a sativa chocolate and finally put in for a split of indoor so really hoping that gets honored cause I love me some garlic co…
  • Awesome yeah I was surprised how portent the drops were just a sliver that's supposed to be 10mg gets me feeling pretty decent almost as strong as the 25mg fruit squares so tea spoon probably be a good place, appreciate the input @OzBaxter and will …
  • @OzBaxter sounds right up my alley how much average dose do you add to your drink wondering how many servings , either way requested some blue raspberry and definitely looking forward to trying out couldn't really tell tincture someone else had real…