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  • @DankyHawaiin orangetane I think it is
  • Right? Shit I just got a JB vape today and holy shit it's like straight up vaping a plant and hits like a damn train
  • Least 10x stronger works out to a big discount since will only need a 10th as much per dose now but yeah getting hit unexpectedly with too much thc can be a beast in itself
  • Nice I got one on way to try out heard decent things bout their items
  • Hadn't been on as much lately how long it been?
    in MIA Comment by Vapedad78 April 6
  • Awe that's bs silly way they do that and why I'm pushing for crypto and btc to help change things but make sure look for discount code for coin flip it's helped me save some fees and entered a contest thru them few years back won an iPhone and trezo…
  • Requested on the 24th fingers crossed should see tomorrow and happy Easter btw to everyone
  • Yeah the pm from loud is slightly different from merlin but still great medicine I snagged some and jealousy
  • Oh yeah I concur with all that which is why I don't understand why it's always more harsh and different in effects if it's so identical
    in THCA Comment by Vapedad78 March 28
  • @Sixwaychili Right from Rockefeller's grand plan still working way to well today.
  • @superman38NC right I seen that and couldn't pass it up lol, almost went with the 4 bagger just cause but was already waiting on raspberry kush and apples and banana which showed today and ate both very nice for the ticket
    in Sale!! Comment by Vapedad78 March 28
  • @HealingOfNations amen shit if insurance would foot least part the bill lol
  • Someone had gotten me a thca vape from a local b&m and it definitely helps in a pinch but it's a lot more harsh than my regular ones and the effects are slightly different it's hard to explain but I'll keep trying just so far haven't been bigges…
    in THCA Comment by Vapedad78 March 27
  • I haven't been a fan of thca stuff I've tried so far unfortunately, it's all seemed more harsh and effects not quite as good or different
    in THCA Comment by Vapedad78 March 25
  • Speaking of sale had to take advantage of @LoudnCo deal with the UP jealousy and PM snag a split last night and waiting on some apple and banana and raspberry kush so should be a good month lol fingers crossed
    in Sale!! Comment by Vapedad78 March 25
  • Yeah that's rough bro, I've raised and coached a couple bonus kids past 8 years in addition to my bio kids and unfortunately the ms. doesn't care or understand hurting that kid equally if not more but can guarantee you've already made a positive dif…
  • Yeah no that's awful and hate to hear that shit since also raising bonus kids along with my own but glad things got better they usually do.
  • Yeah careful man I smashed my finger and got a black blood spot that's growing out but the nail died at that spot and had to fill with nail glue and top coat lol
  • 4 days is stressful but I assume it's usually moving and just not being scanned and usually still hits in bout a week in total but occasionally bout week and half
  • I got like a quarter of abv saved up from dry vaping gonna make something with or can rest with peanut butter lol
  • Yeah I was very pleased with it and the Wonka bar both are really decent stuff but BP might me slight winner over the Wonka, it's structure reminds me more of permanent marker than BP but not quite as in your face as either of those while still defi…
  • @funkynugz how was that purple cream Brule?
    in Sale!! Comment by Vapedad78 March 17
  • I had to verify thru PayPal earlier that I was buying on crypto app earlier but might been cause was snagging and alt coins
  • They're different enough think you'd been OK but don't blame you for sure
  • Banana punch and Wonka split requested the 8th and just touched down so bout normal which iI'll definitely take. Both look good and will dive into later for sure so far so good
  • I always just assumed a spliff was just slang for joint learn something new every day. Wonder if Busta rhymes little buddy is aware?
  • Pretty good stuff, pretty with nice bag appeal and effects are solid. I had no complaints and was happy with it.
    in Thin Mints Comment by Vapedad78 March 4
  • @Hideurself gotcha and appreciate the info definitely interesting actually got some live resin on way or supposed to be but got me considering snagging some this if still on menu to give a shot
  • Thought pure thca diamonds had most if not all terms separated out for sauce , not a concetrate expert so was just curious? I love gg but that was why I usually looked another route for terps like got some live resin on way cause thought us suppose…
  • No seen where people balances were reading goose egg but thankfully mine never did