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  • I've been placing orders for a year now no problems at all. I've gotten my order as quick as 3 days and as long as 7. Package always delivers and they have always honored a freebie request. They have always include a freebie J from a different strai…
  • I just got an order yesterday of Mendo Breath and Purple Diesel and Loud threw in a Ice Cream Cake freebie j. Figured I'd light up that freebie since I haven't tried Ice Cream Cake before. I smoked about half of it in one sesh. Walked inside sat dow…
  • @MerlinsMagic have them restocked just checked and they are listed. Thanks everybody
  • @OzBaxter I've got Platinum Mac I let it a Boveda pack babysit it for a week. Turned out perfect but my tolerance is low so only takes a bowl or two to get where I need to be. I use it to control arthritis pain in my knees and relax b4 bed highly r…
  • Sorry for your loss. Sure sounds like the wild west is living up to its name again.
  • Second helpings are always nice to have.
  • Agree with you. You would think that politicians would realize that over taxing and over regulating businesses paves the way for criminals to exploit and profit from said practices.
  • Exactly I mean there is a lot to unpack in that tweet. I would think that the people involved in the cannabis industry would frown upon those types of operations and not do business with them.
  • Sorry meant to post this in Today's News. Not in the General forum.
  • Dang all this talk about Cherry Pie got me penciling it in for my next order. Thanks for the info on this strain and it's variants
  • @Johnnyblue42 I'll keep that in mind definitely looking for getting more bang for my buck. Like the profile pick You know they have a remastered version of Europe 72. I went to quit a few dead shows in the 90's
  • Just want to brag about how quickly I got my order from Merlin. Payment confirmed from Medboy on 2/18 received on 2/21 and I live in Georgia. Got Platinum Mac w/a Platinum OG freebie jay. Already tried the Platinum Mac its fire. Thanks Medman, Medbo…
  • First time customer and I couldn't be happier. Ordered Wed. afternoon arrived on Mon. I got what I ordered with even a little extra. Im so glad I found a reliable source for my medicine. Thanks for providing such a great service