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  • Med Mama was kind enough to give me a half gram of XJ-13. I told them to surprise me with the other half if they were to be so kind to split a full gram of vape. They were kind enough to give me a half gram of Banana Kush. I am sure they didn't hav…
  • Thank you for all of the valuable advice about the refill vapes.
  • @v32Finish, I also ordered some Bacio. A half of XJ=13 and told them to surprise me with the other half. They sent me a half vape refill of Banana Kush. It all arrived just in time today. I am taking a 5 day working trip in the morning. There are …
    in Blueberry OG Comment by Gen April 27
  • I am so excited, they split my XJ-13 and I asked them to surprise me with the other half. They gave me Banana Kush. I don't have a clue what to expect. Leaving in the morning for a 5-day trip so I did get to test anything. Still, Talk about perfe…
  • Fallguy, when you say serious traiders, you mean those with the funds to invest. Wish that was me. I would still love to learn. Being more technical is not a problem.
  • @Kayla. I agree with you about XJ-13. Normally, I like to buy an Indica but when I see the XJ-13 vape like they currently have, I buy it. Like you, I love that strain. I have not seen it for a long time until now. I bought a gram of refillable va…
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  • nefgreenm, I have used Coinbase for years even before they split. I wish I had more than $60 in coinbase bitcoin account at that time. Normally, I only buy enough bitcoin to purchase here. What is the difference between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro?
  • Thank everyone for your kind replies. I went a little crazy when 420 blessed us. I wish I had more money. Sadly, my funds are short. I would have bought a sample of every strain, vape, shrooms and even considered trying their Concentrates. Never…
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  • I have a question. I want to get a full gram Vape refill. Are we allowed to request a half gram vape refill of XJ13 and a half gram refill of ?(not sure)? in the comment section on the order form? It is not talked about in the rule section. I als…
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  • Welcome Newbie. I always thought Medicineman would be the coolest place to work except for answering every single cry for help. Been using this site since they opened & even referred others here. We have always been treated fairly. MM & M…
  • Thank you for all the hard work trying to keep us all happy. Sorry to see you leave. You are valued and I can not thank you enough for answering my mail. Really hate to see you leave. Wishing you the best. You deserve that and more MB.
  • Would love a review on Blueberry OG?
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  • For that last couple of months, I have been so busy caring for my mother. I am heartbroken if they recently had xj13 oil and I missed it. Guess I need to check this site every week. Sigh My loss.
  • I normally do not get sativa's but I went with outdoor SLH and Agent Orange. Thought about the Headband. I wish money was not so limited. Honesty, I Just feel blessed mm does this 420 for us.
    in Strains! Comment by Gen April 2020
  • This may be a stupid question but how does the pricing work if you buy both a premium and an indoor strain? Do you use the higher-priced strain to determine the discount? I need to figure out how much bitcoin to purchase.
    in Strains! Comment by Gen April 2020
  • @Joha Ouch, you are right. So sorry. That happened to me once just as I was ready to make a purchase. I was saving up my bitcoin for several weeks and just as I was ready to order, it tanked. After that, I only buy bitcoin when I am ready to make a…
  • @SpongePail Well SOB, I will go to BOA and rip them a new one, thanks for the information. @Medboy, I agree, fuck the big banks especially BOA for feeding me a line of bullshit.
  • I have been using Coinbase from the beginning. If you use a debit card, you will get your bitcoin funds instantly. New users to Coinbase can be placed on hold for several weeks. Customer service is terrible if you ever need it. Normally, I have not…
  • @SpongePail I purchased Yeager but the description doesn't say if it is indica or sativa. I like both but lean more towards the indica strains due to pain and sleep. Heard about the alaskan thunderfuck, enjoy.
  • Never tried scatter. Don''t have the equipment that i need. There is so many I would like to try.
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  • I agree but that one vape made us all smile from ear to ear. It was the only vape that i liked alot. After 5 years, I lost track but most were exceptional. Wish I had kept the list now.. I remember Mendo breath and Amethyst. tried A lot of kushes bu…
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  • Congrats, You will be happy when your package arrives. When you open it, the smell is wonderful. Enjoy.@liarliar03
  • I think that was the number. Did you try it? We all loved it. Thank you for the rapid reply. Would love to get it again.
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  • There was a vape I tried several years ago that was 98%. I only saw it once and it was the bomb. Not sure who offered it at the time Would love to see it again. There were 3 suppliers and I look for it every visit. It just had a number assigned to …
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  • Been visiting MM for 5 years. I would like to give the site an A+on quality and shipping. I agree with all the quality reports above.
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  • Always great delivery's from MM. I buy mostly outdoor now & we are always happy. Also looking at the Durban x Skunk or Willy's Wonder. Drat if Jaeger didn't also catch my eye. Hard for me to pick. Any suggestions MM visitors? The only thing I di…
  • I started using Coinbase over 5 yrs ago. Honestly, I have not always been happy with their service or fee's. I recommended a friend to this site and he likes using Coinmama.
  • I have been ordering from Medman for over 5 years. They are the real deal.
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  • I have purchased discount flower several times. Never once have I been disappointed. Medicineman & Medicineboy normally explain why it is discounted. Thanks and enjoy what you can afford. Gen