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  • Woo hoo, got mine today too! (from Loud to East Coast). Got exactly what I ordered, so happy as I’ve been out for awhile. The freebie joint was labeled JH, so perhaps Jack Hammer? Doesn’t matter, got the job done and made for an awesome lunch brea…
  • My package showed up in the system this morning (said they received it late last night), and is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Very excited, can’t wait!
  • I too placed an order on the 2nd. On Informed Delivery I see the label was created, but USPS hasn’t received it yet. I’m obsessed so I pretty much check it every hour, really hoping it ships today and I get it this week! What’s odd is that there se…
  • Woo hoo, thank you!!! Just placed my order!
  • Medboy, same question as Pap7777. A few years ago you used to sell “other” stuff, which was in a word, incredible! Wondering/hoping/praying, will this stuff ever come back??? Please let us know, thanks.
  • Wow congrats, after reading all the strains, those sound like the two best. Please share what they’re like! Also if you really want to show a picture, you could always change your user profile picture to whatever, including your latest purchase. It…
  • While I agree this sounds like a great idea, I think it would just lead to more older stock. Who for example, would ever buy the old stuff? Everyone would want the newest and freshest, leaving the older stuff to just get, older. I think the real is…
  • I recently got 3 strains from Med Mama, which were “Strawberry Banana Lemonade”, “Gelato”, and “Mendo Breath”, and some Diamonds. Shipping was super fast (3 days), and I’m on the East Coast. I chose a joint for my freebie, which ended up being “Bana…
  • I was lucky enough to get some a week ago or so. First of all you may be surprised, 2g is a very tiny container. It looks like small grains of brown sugar, with varying sizes. First I tried some in my original DaVinci in an oil can, sandwiched in be…
  • Going through the process myself recently, I have Coinbase ties into a savings account. I bought Litecoin, but there’s officially a 5 day holding period. After that I was able to sent it instantly, but that was a crazy 5 days with this market.
  • Hey can anyone explain Indoor vs Greenhouse, are they similar? It seems Outdoor would be the least potent, but wondering about the other two. Thanks.
  • I agree and few bad you can’t use it. Informed Delivery is incredible, I know days in advance when the package is coming, and even the exact minute it arrives that day. Then I always leave work to head home real quick, with a giant smile on my face!
  • Hey I was wondering if you could start a “tip jar” option, where I could donate some of my extra currency? When I get funds I always overbuy before ordering, to make sure I have enough, due to fluctuating prices. Then I would be glad to send the ch…
  • Thanks, good to know. On a related note, do you know if I could use a “diamond” in a vaporizer at the highest setting? Or do I need one of those torch lighters and a nail?
  • I assume you mean “temperature”. I personally start with about 380, and work my way up to 405 by the end of the session, which is the highest my vape will go (original DaVinci).
  • I am one of the unfortunate ones that edibles don’t seem to work on. It’s not tolerance as I still get high from vaping, and it’s not the product as it works for others in my group. I’d just stick with what works for you.
  • I use Coinbase and it is a pain buying Bitcoin, as it takes almost a week for the funds to clear. However now that MM accepts Litecoin, that only took like a day to clear. Try buying that instead.