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  • Nice! Thanks @Rubygirl816...sounds great! Hope it sticks around for a few more days.
  • I was going to ask you @Rubygirl816 what you thought of it. I’ve had it a couple times, and my wife will tell you that it’s her favorite strain. I’m hoping it lasts on the menu until they put the discount code up.
  • Probably going to check out the package that was just delivered. It should be my second Sunset Sherbet/Bacio split. They’d both dropped off the menu for about a week then popped back up...same grower?? I hope so! Also hoping that all these gr…
  • Good choice @MNTDWLER...Purple Kush sounds perfect for the rainy Saturday afternoon here!🙂
  • Same here @MNTDWLER. My little brother’s in town from out west, but was too nervous to bring any with him, so I’m his dispensary.🤣 He’ll be here for a couple more weeks so I ordered another round of Sherbet and Bacio (which he helped pay for). L…
  • ...always waiting @MNTDWLER @MigraineWarrior79...well hidden...but I do try to check on the boveda's with them at least monthly.😁 Got to at least check them, look at them, drool over them, even if I have the willpower to only smoke them in case of …
  • Back to looking forward to getting home and hitting something shake this day off! Maybe Sunset Sherbet, or maybe I’ll go all in with the Bacio and hit the couch.😎
  • @MNTDWLER @NOLA504 Ive got two of the round 6-pack tins with the bovedas. Great for traveling! On our road trip this week we took 4 strains, three Budkups each, our Pax3, and charger! Worked out great!
  • @superman38NC that’s my understanding. Bacio Gelato = Bacio Gelato #41 = Gelato #41...but you know how different batches of the same strain can be. We’re really enjoying it as an evening strain. It hits us pretty hard!😎.
  • Yeah, what @ChunksEggo8187 said! This is some really heavy hitting Gelato @superman38NC and I’m certain that you’ll enjoy it! This and the last batch of Sunset Sherbet are 9.5/10s...some of the finest cannabis I’ve had here.
  • We’ve been vaping it tonight @ChunksEggo8187...really enjoying it smoked or vaped @MNTDWLER. Glad to hear that you two agree!👍🏼
  • Hi @MigraineWarrior79...we’re so proud of you!!!😁🤪. I’m very intrigued by the Happy Hour! We’ll see if I can make it through the day without ordering. Lol!😁
  • Watch out for that Biscotti @MNTDWLER , it’s a sneaky strain 😏😁...always It’s a little chilly here this morning, but it’s otherwise bright and sunny. Hope your power returns soon! I’m enjoying a day off with some Sweeties (the …
  • I’m enjoying another cousin myself with some Sweeties! As an indica lover it’s become one of my favorite wake-n-bakes. I hope it makes a comeback appearance on the menu in the future. I’ll revisit the Bacio again this evening...really fine cannab…
  • @MNTDWLER @georgetirebiter 😳😁😒☹️😣🤯
  • @ChunksEggo8187 we had three large buds like this one, but most were nickel and quarter sized beauties. I hope that you get'll definitely enjoy it!
  • I'm not much of a photographer, but you get the idea. The buds are beautiful, the aroma is all Gelato, and so far when smoked the effects are pretty heavy. If you like Gelato, you're going to love Bacio Gelato. I've had a couple Gelato phenotypes…
  • I’m kind of looking forward to the same @MNTDWLER . I have some Gelato from sometime last year. I still have 3 to 4 good sized nuggets that I’ve been hoarding.🤣😎. It so hard to let good strains go!
  • Sounds like a great combo @MNTDWLER!🙂. I look forward to giving it a try! Sounds like the HK would also go nicely with the Bacio! Provocatively peaceable and personal sounds wonderful Dweller...thanks 🙏!
  • I’ll believe it when the package is in my hands @Rubygirl816 🤣, but it usually gets delivered if ID says it’s out. I think we ordered Friday evening, or maybe Saturday, so yeah, it’s one of my faster deliveries! I’m excited as I’ve read some grea…
  • Thanks @v32Finish, I appreciate your knowledge and expertise! Biology and botany are definitely not my fields. Lol. ID said yesterday that our Bacio Gelato would be here tomorrow, but the wife just informed me that it’s out for delivery today! Ca…
  • @Quasar that’s a great question! If this is truly Bacio Gelato, it’s Bacio Gelato #41. It’s another phenotype of a Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC cross like Gelato #33. I’m hoping, and counting on them being similar, but different. I’m sure tha…
  • @funkynugz yeah, I’m not crazy about the system, but it is nice to be legal. 😎 Because of the cost alone, I still buy the majority of medicine here! I’ve only had my card about a year, but finding @medicineman three years ago changed my life!🙂
  • We’re happy and safe at home @MNTDWLER, thank you, sir! It was a gorgeous day for a road trip and I was an amazing navigator!😎 It was a quick trip, but it went pretty well...I survived my father and even talked him into coming here this summer..o…
  • @superman38NC @ChunksEggo8187 the Sweeties was a really nice surprise! I’m guessing that the Bacio Gelato will be another variation of that similar theme. I’d love to see some premium GSC as well, it’s been awhile. I saw that my med. dispensary h…
  • Heading back home today. I’ve got Rainbow Chip and Sundae Driver carts to help me navigate as the wife drives.😁
  • @funkynugz my daughters have eyes on my record collection, so I’m inclined to keep them in the family.😎
  • I ordered an oz within an hour of it landing on the menu Friday. 😎. Sounds amazing and right up my alley! I hope to see it by the end of the week!
  • Remember them @Rubygirl816, I still have all their vinyl!😁😎. Yeah, @funkynugz I consider myself a geezer...but my kids and grandkids think that I’m an old fart!😆
  • @MNTDWLER I’d really love to see some Blueberry here! I picked up another 1/2 on Saturday at the dispensary. They even had some Blueberry Rosin Jam, whatever that is, but mixed a little bit with the flower and OMG.😎😁