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  • I resemble that remark @Sixwaychili!🤣. I think I have four sativas in my arsenal now! Pubic places don’t give me anxiety though!😁🤣😎🧐
  • Yep @superman38NC the Cherry D is a winner! That Slurity sounds great too! Yeah, Dosi seems to be the latest thing. I just finished some local Lemon Dosidos that was some excellent evening medicine!😎🧐
  • Thanks @fm_25 I’m glad you enjoy them. I haven’t had a chance to try the Face Melt yet. It looks premium, but I’ve had to work late the last couple days…too late to try something like Face Melt. We did try the Dosilato last night. It was labeled…
  • Jealousy is a great strain @Vinny1981! I like it as an afternoon or after work strain as well! Thanks for the review of the pre rolls!
  • This is the third time I've had Pure Kush (aka Pure OG, aka Pure OG Kush). The first time was from here 3-4 years ago and I found it to be incredible medicine for insomnia. Over a year ago one of my local dispensaries/cultivars had Pure OG (batche…
  • Cherry Dosidos Aside from being a little squished, this looks like it could be premium or ultra premium flower, although the label was simply handwritten "Cherry Dosidos." The buds are beautiful shades of green with deep purple undertones, sprinkl…
  • Sorry to hear that @posternugbag. The waiting and worrying always sucks!
  • @superman38NC 😁 Sorry my friend.😉. I hope you like it as much as we do! Unfortunately, we smoked it up last night (it was so good), so it’ll probably be sometime between Friday and Monday before we have PM again. Should have just done a two zip s…
  • I get that @posternugbag! I’m always nervous on delivery day. Yesterday I was shocked to find that USPS had written on the box that it wasn’t sealed and that they had resealed it!😳. Thank goodness for the Mylar and multi layer packaging! Lookin…
  • Thanks my friend @superman38NC. The PM is truly exceptional, maybe one of the best overall strains/grows I’ve ever had from here! I gotta have more…so I ordered an ounce!😂. I’ll give the Cherry Do-si-dos a try this afternoon.😎🧐
  • Indoor Z3 We transitioned to Z3 as we were getting ready for MNF. This Z3 is nicely cured, dense, but with a nice give. The buds are different shades of green with orangish hairs. The aroma is sweet berries, earthy, and pine. I guess I shouldn'…
  • Idk...I guess Merlin likes my reviews.😁 I just wrote that they could send me anything they'd like me to review or try.🤪😎🧐 I purchase a lot from Merlin, but I usually get what you get with most of my orders.😉
  • @OzBaxter I don’t have any kids to feed and I wouldn’t dare make a “wish order!”😳🤣😂😎🧐
  • @superman38NC @funkynugz I’m just happy to get a freebie. I never request anything specific…I like the surprise!😁😎🧐. I’m still undecided on the Freshies.
  • It is a pretty amazing menu across all shippers @MigraineWarrior79 and @OzBaxter! @MerlinsMagic has more to drop apparently…I already warned the wife that we’d probably be ordering more.😊😉😎🧐
  • I took a hard look at Face Melt @Vapedad78 as a split with the Pure, but I still have some prescription left locally, so I just picked up the Pure. I go through almost as much flower overnight as I do during the day and Pure is definitely a night t…
  • @posternugbag I can’t imagine Permanent Marker being anything but amazing with Biscotti x Jealousy x Sunset Sherbet! That’s a lot of Sunset Sherbet and GSC genetics!💚😁😎🧐
  • When are we not high on here?!😁😂🤣 There are definitely some interesting indoor indicas on the menu at the moment! I picked up some Pure Kush which should be here Monday. It’s a heavy hitter…very good for pain (1-2% CBD) and very sleepy! 😴😎🧐
  • @Vapedad78 Yep, a variety of flower, some vapes, a couple different kinds of edibles, a couple different concentrates, and topicals…THC lotions for my hands and joints (arthritis). I’m mostly into flower though. I like a lot of variety and a lot o…
  • Absolutely @Vapedad78!
  • Nice @Greeniegreena86! Chocolope has become one of our favorite Sativas!
  • Thanks for the info @funkynugz. Makes sense. I’ll have to give that a try. With joints and bowls I generally finish what I start. 🫠. Slowing down could be good.🙂
  • Some new strains on the board this evening! I've been waiting years to see Pure Kush (Pure OG Kush) on the menu again. If you're looking for a heavy, sleepy indica, that will knock you out, this is it.😴 The new indoor Face Melt, Permanent Marker…
  • Yeah, @funkynugz I know what you mean, I have a lot of paraphernalia just collecting dust. Most reviews have been great, I’m interested to hear you thoughts on your strains.😎🧐
  • That's quite a deal @funkynugz ! I've never been much for smoking joints, but at these prices I might be doing some similar math.😁 The Modified Grape sounds dreamy @MigraineWarrior79 ...I'm always all in for being "one with my bed!"🤣😎🧐
  • You're welcome @Quasar! I love this site and this community! About half of what I have here at home is from MM. I think I ordered 8-9 ounces this summer, mostly outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor. I don't generally see the need to spend on premium …
  • We only have medical dispensaries here in OH and everything is prepackaged in 1/10ths, 5ths, halves and ounces. The quality varies quite a bit, and like here, you can’t check it out before buying. We do have access to THC numbers though. I’d say …
  • Come on over guys...I picked up a zip of Sunset Sherbet this morning at the dispensary...maybe some of the best I've ever had!🤤😊 I'm loving the Donkey Butter @posternugbag! I'll be savoring this one for of my favorite stains!😎🧐
  • I didn't start purchasing here until late '17 early '18 and I don't remember seeing any Jaeger until Jan. 2020, so it was likely prior to the end of '17 @Thatguy. I do remember Shipper Numbers! Sounds like it was good stuff!🔥😎🧐
  • Yes ma’am @MigraineWarrior79!😊 All spouses and partners welcome!💚😎🧐